Canada-Business Trips

Canada-Business Trips

These tours are specially designed for those who never visit Canada in the past. It is a 7 days and 6 nights’ tour of Toronto and surrounding areas , which are the fastest growing production bases in Canada. The main purposes of this tour are to introduce our delegates to government officials and to visit various industries in these fast growing regions in Canada.

If you plan a business trip to Canada, you  may be required to obtain an entry visa.

 To apply for a visa you will need to provide a letter of invitation from a Canadian company or organization(s).
If you plan to travel around Canada, you will be required to provide a copy of your tour itinerary including any travel and hotel reservations.

 A single entry visa will allow you to enter Canada once.
 A multiple entry visa will authorize you to enter Canada multiple times during the visa validity.

 To verify if you are exempt from the requirement to obtain an entry visa, please refer to the Visitor visa exempt countries.

 If you plan to apply for permanent residency in Canada as a businessman, you may use this trip to explore the Canidian portion of the  North American market, familiarize yourself with  the Canadian business environment and make  valuable contacts.

 If you plan to settle in the province of  Quebec and your application for a Selection Certificate has been submitted to the Business Center in Montreal (if your country of permanent residence or citizenship is covered by Quebec immigration offices in Paris, Vienna, North America, Mexico City and Buenos Aires), your selection interviewcan take place in Montreal during your exploratory trip.

Canada’s business cost advantages make it a place for profitable business ventures and memorable personal experiences.

Canada’s Business Immigration Program seeks to bring to Canada people who are familiar with growing foreign markets and their requirements. Over the years, thousands of foreign business people have found Canada to be anexcellent place to invest capital and to apply their business knowledge.

Business immigrants   represent nearly 10% of all immigrants who come to Canada.

For business tours application procedure go here

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