Canada Business Exploratory trips

Business Class Immigration‎:

Exploratory trips will give you a chance to acquire first-hand knowledge about living, working and doing business in Canada, knowledge which will certainly benefit you when the time comes to proceed with your permanent move

Here are some suggestions for things to do while you are in Canada on an exploratory visit.
* Plan your trip well to maximize opportunities to make contacts, which will prove valuable on your return visit and when you finally move to Canada.

* Understand the vast size of Canada and be realistic about what you are comfortably able to achieve in the time available to you.

* Plan one summer and one winter trip to familiarize yourself with the weather conditions in your intended settlement destination.

* Arrange meetings with industry/companies to get an overview of the business and employment opportunities in the region you are interested in. Don’t forget to bring along copies of your resume (CV) and make sure it’s in a suitable Canadian format!

* Meet with service providers such as realtors, settlement services consultants and immigration lawyers.
Guide to Applying for an Exploratory Visit in  Manitoba



For other resources and workshops aimed at  business, jobs,  career transition and  entrepreneurship  visit  here

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