Seeking out business opportunities in Canada

Seeking out business opportunities in Canada

In  Canada, transactions involving business opportunities often occur on informal markets. You need to have developed a business network to find them. This being said, there are a few sources of business opportunity information that are available to everyone:

•business newspapers and magazines
•account managers with financial institutions
•business brokers
•local development centres and industrial commissioners
•boards of trade, chambers of commerce and business associations

•some Internet sites:
Alberta, Canada
◦Québec commerce
Nova Scotia
◦Business Development Bank of Canada


Hineni  is organizing a exploratory business trips to Canada.  These are  designed for elite business people and high net-worth individuals from each corner of the globe.

Exploratory business trips will be for total of 7 days and it will include;

Presentation by Scotian  Bank ( largest bank in Ontario) –  Ontario Investor Program

Presentation by the Ontario Immigration – Highlights of  Ontario Business Environment

Visiting universities in Tornto such as University of Toronto – One of best university of Canada

Visiting GTA or Toronto  City for site seeing ( One of the beautiful city of Toronto)

Visiting Ottawa – admistrative  city of Canada

Trip to Niagara Falls – well known for its beauty – Where Canada & United States is united by a bridge


Presentation by High Tech Canadian companies . Health and  Information Technology, Oil & Gas. Some of the latest project in progress in Canada, where you will have opportunity to create association with these companies for transfer of technology etc.

Hineni’s associated partners will assist in preparing documents for applying visitor visa, making all the travel and accommodation arrangements. Setting up meetings with various government and private companies for development relations to enhance business opportunities.

If your net-worth exceeding C$1.6 million (Net-worth means everything the applicant and the spouse owns together such as properties, business, bank deposits, stock and shares anywhere in the world) & you have 3 years of management experience, please complete the form below, contact us.

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