Immigrant Entrepreneurship in Canada: Creating New opportunities

The Immigrant Entrepreneur Mentorship Program (IEMP) is now accepting applications!

Hineni Media   is pleased to announce also this  exciting Ontario province-wide program for entreprenerial immigrants and newcomers in business.  Check it out  or join us and help grow immigrant businesses in  Ontario !

For instance one of such  programs is open to future business owners  wanting to operating in Canada wide. Rural areas in the province will connect to the program through video conference.

Most scholars in the field of immigrant entrepreneurship now agree that immigrants choose to be self-employed due to a variety of factors of choice and constraint as opposed to one single factor. Factors such as barriers to employment (“blocked mobility”), the costs of immigration, language, racism and discrimination, and less access to traditional forms of capital may each push immigrants to start their own businesses. There is no doubt that entrepreneurship can be a survival strategy that may emerge in response to labour market discrimination. Also, self-employment may provide a supplemental income that can act as an important aid to settlement.

Becoming an entrepreneur in Canada, however, is not always an easy option to pursue so what will this program offer to immigrants in business? here is a list!

  • Mentor partnership with a successful business mentor to help meet participant business goals
  • Networking opportunities and events to increase customers and sales
  • Business connections with successful business people in the community
  • “Marketing” and “Succeeding in business in Canada”: Two four-session business courses ( December 2011, February 2012) taught by people who know and understand immigrant business
  • Launch and celebration events that will put immigrant businesses and their mentors in the media spotlight.


Other opportunities

For Workshops aimed at immigrant entrepreneurs  contact  here

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