Canada: Immigrant-founded businesses

Immigrant entrepreneurs and experts contribute significantly to position creation and innovation.

The revenue generated by Fortune 500 companies founded by immigrants of children of immigrants is greater than the GDP (gross domestic product) of every country in the world outside the U.S., except China and Japan.” These Fortune 500 companies had combined revenues of $4.2 trillion in 2010, $1.7 trillion which from immigrant-founded companies. According to Fortune Company report.

Just as Intel Corp. ; Solectron Corp., .eBay Inc. and  Yahoo the USA, Canada too has its own a know example is Hones Ed  the son of Jewish immigrants from Lithuania.  Ed Mirvish  became a  Toronto businessman renowned both for his landmark discount store Honest Ed’s and for his key role in revitalizing the city’s theatre scene, he died at 92.
For new Canadians who have owned a successful business in another country, it’s important to have someone on your team who can help you thrive in the Canadian business environment. Help this adviser understand the business environment you have come from to help you bridge your knowledge from one market to another.

First up, you must have a plan. There are many books and websites to show you how to build a business plan, but the most important part of your plan should be a detailed and careful analysis of how your business idea is going to make money

Canada is  also ramping up its  support for immigrant entrepreneurs, who’ve long been a tremendous source of innovation in Canada.  Immigrants are twice as likely as native-born canadians to start companies – although a greater proportion also struggle to keep their businesses open for longer than a year.  That’s why the goverment have created a series of latest competitions that challenges community-based organizations to come up with programs that can help immigrant businesses across the cities  grow to scale.  At the same time,  the goverment has been offering some of its  free business courses in  English, French , Chinese, Korean, Spanish,  Hindi and Russian – which will allow them to connect to hundreds of new businesses in our immigrant communities.



Marisol Diaz  is  an experienced workshop presenter, specialized information publisher, and  a SOHO specialist. She also  has been writing on Canada settlement and  immigration law since 2006. contact her @ You can improve your Canada job search through the   Canadian database  for Int’l  Professional or Hineni CED ,  a Paid Content   or Informational Services site run by Hineni Media.

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