Make your mark in Canada (Job hunt)

Canada,  is one of the largest and most beautiful countries in the world, offers a hugely diverse and exciting environment for work, travel and exploration.  Canadian Private-sector job growth has been strongest in temporary help services and health care. The nation added 10,000 temporary service jobs last month, indicating that many employers were testing the waters before taking the plunge with a permanent hire.

Get the right tools to make your mark in Canada:

You should started out as most people do, got a semi decent CV together and went online in search for jobs at the usual suspects, database  for Int’l  Professional  , etc

Then research a bit on writing a professional CV  as Canada accepts only two pages resumes. Then
if you want to WOW a prospective employer create  an online presence simple as
 It’s a summary of who I am, what I have done, what I can do and what people say about me.  See yourself as a product which you need to sell to a company.  company  does make an amazing job!

Armed with a great CV and a great online presence then to look for the right company where I would fit into as appose to applying for every single job posting available.  Don’t bother to apply for work through a recruitment agency. They won’t help you and will probably not even forward your CV to the employer. I even called a couple of agencies in Canada and all of them declined to take me on as a client. So it’s important to select the jobs which you can make contact with the employer directly.

Got 1-2 months?

Train for free in anything from forestry to commerce. In an effort to attract foreign know-how and bolster its economy, Canada recruits foreigners for its   cultural exchange programs  or click here. 

Got 3-6 months?

Test Experimental Drugs or clinical trials. Considering that Vancouver is a great place of the rave, it’s no surprise that the canuck capital of the Canadian west is a great hint to make money in drugs. Research clinics pay plenty of pounds ($140-$280 a day) to volunteers. Bring a certificate of good health from your doctor (disreputable places accept walk-ins and should be avoided). Ask around, or try

Work at a Montreal discothèquese. If you are a creature of the nightlife, apply to be an entertainment coordinator at one of the many clubs here; duties range from promoting drink specials to encouraging patrons to dance.  You can register with entertaining Quebec based agency.


Be a sports instructor. At one of the many  Whistler summer/winter camps for adolescents and enjoy British Columbia’s wide world of sports at little or no cost. Includes free room and board, and free insurance coverage, and about $900 a month. No work permit or previous experience required. Apply directly to Whistler  Resorts and Village Camps.


Join the legions of refreshment peddlers in the English Bay Vancouver. Work on your tan without draining your wallet. Beachcombing for thirsty vacationers on the English Bay can earn you up to $75 (including commissions) for a few hours work in the morning and afternoon. Though there is no organization to contact directly about openings, getting a job goes something like this: (1) Hit a beach town like   along Vancouver’s Stanley Park seawall system, or the Grandville island, (2) buy a drink from a beach vendor, (3) ask to be introduced to the vendor’s boss, and (4) the boss will probably hire you on the spot.  Some bosses even offer camping privileges on their land


Got 6-12 months?

Be a cast member at Canada Worderland,  equivalent to  Disney World for Canadians . Work at the ‘happiest’ place in Ontario and take home around $1,500 a month (March to October). Housing isn’t guaranteed, but they’ll help you find lodging. And though by the time you are finished, you will probably never want to see another set of mouse ears ever again, full-time employees do get bargain hotel rates and free park admission ( Recruitment jobs  or Service du Recrutement Casting click here )


Be an unskilled mining assistant. Get your hands dirty in one of the many Western Canadian mining towns (gold and iron). –Red Lake area ; Asbestos, Quebec, Newfoundland and Labrador ; Flin Flon, etc. You’ll see the outback in ways no tourist can, earn $800 a week, enjoy free food and accommodation, and maybe even unearth a few opals along the way. Though the best way to find a job is simply to chat up the miners in a local pub, in WaWa, a city always hiring mining-lab workers, is a good resource.


Join the staff of a cruise ship. Set your course for adventure and head for the Caribbean. Hours are long and wages slim, but tips are good (up to $1,100 a month) and lodging and food are free. Apply to Royal Caribbean International Cruise lines in Canada   or call  Mariposa Cruises Services ( Canada’s largest hospitality cruise line) for bar/catering placement.


Go work for Mother Teresa and make your mum proud. You can volunteer in one of her orphanages, children institutions  or care centers in Winnipeg. Conditions can be grim, and wages are slim to none (you might be able to arrange free lodging), though plenty find the work itself reward enough. Register at the administrative offices at Helping Orphans in Canada click here.

If you’re ‘exotic’, become a model. In Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto, there’s a always a fever for those that look cute. If you are moderately very attractive and know how to smile, drop a portfolio at  Elite Model  or

Follow companies on twitter and facebook and actively stay in contact with them using social channels. Companies want to employ unique, dedicated and professional people, try and show these skills when applying for work.





Marisol Diaz  is  an experienced workshop presenter, specialized information publisher, and  a SOHO specialist. She also  has been writing on Canada settlement and  immigration law since 2006. contact her @ You can improve your Canada job search through the   Canadian database  for Int’l  Professional or Hineni CED ,  a Paid Content   or Informational Services site run by Hineni Media.

Access more than 400,000+ Canadian province-specific company profiles in industries such as manufacturing, transportation, consumer goods, consulting services, finance and technology.  Available only to premium subscribers.

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