How to get a job in Canada within a month

Get a job  in Canada within a month

Got 1-2 months?

Train for free in anything from forestry to commerce. In an effort to attract foreign know-how and bolster its economy, Canada recruits foreigners for its cultural exchange programs. HC found these cool options to inspire you to go out and make your mark in Canada.   continue in Finding  Work in Canada

Canada  Immigrant Trust

I wouldn’t have considered Canada as a tax haven, and I would guess that Canadians would agree withme on that! However, I have been informed “Canada lets you set up a 5 year immigrant trust which is   tax free. This basically means that you can move to Canada and, provided you have money, investments or  a business already in place, you can set up an immigrant trust and be tax free for 5 years (on all money other than earned in Canada). Because it takes 3 years to become a citizen you can actuallyget 5 years tax free and change nationality and leave before you get taxed. Once you leave – you remain Canadian but you are not taxable in Canada.

Too good to be true?

With the exception of several situations, it is too good to be true. Like it or not, our government is quite concerned about the loss of tax revenue and goes out of its way to develop tax laws to quell the use of offshore entities for other than legitimate reasons. This position was reinforced with the recent introduction of revisions to the foreign trust rules which go far beyond the current rules and may catch existing structures which were set up years ago.

A non-resident trust, commonly known as an “immigration trust” or an “immigrant trust,” is a provision the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has made to allow immigrants to transition into Canadian tax residency.

Canada’s Income Tax Act allows new immigrants to Canada to benefit from a five year ‘tax holiday’ upon their arrival, which is particularly beneficial to individuals moving to Canada who have a high net worth and retain assets outside of Canada.
It is possible for immigrants to set up an immigration trust and to transfer their foreign assets to that trust before arriving in Canada. As an example, take an individual who plans to reside in Canada and who owns property that generates rental income in his or her country of origin. This individual can then establish an offshore Immigration Trust and transfer the property to that trust. The income earned from the rental of this property will not be taxable by Canadian authorities for a period of sixty months, or five years, from the date the individual becomes a resident of Canada.

Because of this five-year tax holiday, it is possible for an immigrant to acquire Canadian citizenship in just three years, and then choose to become a non-resident for Canadian tax purposes. In this manner, it is possible for foreign earned income and capital gains to never at any point fall into the Canadian tax net

Consulting financial advisers and tax lawyers is helpful in making decisions including when the best time is to arrive in Canada and when to commence tax residency, to gain maximum benefits.


Travel , Study and Work in North America for Canadians

Canadians get special treatment on living / working in USA.” … Interesting? So see a tax adviser! Plus,although Canada is often regarded as a nice place, with plenty of open space and fresh air, not  everyone likes it. 



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