Cross Cultural Training for business immigrants

This training has two modules.

 1. Cross Cultural Training for business immigrants who come to start a business or work in Canada.
 2. Language Assesment
1.Cross Cultural Training for business immigrants who come to start a business or work in Canada.
As Canada integrates herself with immigrants in the global economy, attracts foreign capital and acquires companies abroad interaction with the global business community is on the rise. This module is useful for professionals doing business with Canada.

Topics vary from Canadian culture to strategies for interacting, communicating with colleagues, business partners and associates. Real life situations are used to make the interaction lively and useful. The module helps you discover Canada through a combination of slides and photographs.

The deeper purpose of this module is to provide insights so that an expatriate achieves greater success through his professional interaction. Some of the topics covered are:

1.  Canada’s culture and social customs. 
2. Verbal communication
3. How do I build bonds with colleagues?
4. Tips on what you need to be careful about? 
5. Business etiquettes. 
6. If the expatriate is a man, nature of interaction with female colleagues. 
7. Virtual tour of Canada 
8. Insights on topics that some people associate with Canada like caste etc. 
We seek to understand your requirements through a Needs Assessment Form  that is to be filled up by every person who is going to attend the workshop. Based on the feedback received we customize the training for you. 
1. One day workshop (includes lunch).
2. What is fundamental to  Canada?
3. Number of participitants – maximum 15-18. 
4. Could be from the same or different companies. 
5. We conduct one to one interactive sessions for CEO’s, Senior Management, Consulate employees and provide comprehensive Business Consulting advice and cross cultural training.
Who should attend: 
1. Business Entrepreneurs who are coming to work in Canada.
2. Expatriates who are doing business with Latin America. 
3. Non Resident immigrants returning to Canada after a number of years. 
4. Employees working for the Hospitality, Information Technology, BPO and Manufacturing sectors and Consulates / Trade Commissions. 
After the workshop: 
1. You are welcome to email us about how deal to with specific situations or any other questions. This would be provided at no cost to you. 
2. You will receive a Newsletter that shares insights, tells you about cultural events and provides links to pictures on Canada etc. 
1. If you have any questions on why Canadians  behave or think the way they do, importance of certain cultural symbols, how to deal with a specific situation at work or any other cross cultural matters email us your queries (go to Contact Us section) and be assured of a prompt reply. 
2. You can share your experiences of working and living in Canada through an article not an exceeding 1000 words. Links to the article would appear on our site. When you send us the article let us know whether we should post name and email id of author on the site. 
The module is designed and delivered by Mrs Diaz. In addition to his professional roles, Mrs Diaz makes time to run a site This site, whose archive now counts over 400 essays and 1,600 pictures single-mindedly, focuses itself on demystifying Canada for Canadians and foreigners alike. corporate/consulting and Hineni backgrounds give her a unique understanding of Canada. 

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