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Canadian Territories (3)

A  job in  Canada may require you to get a work visa. But how do you know if you need to get a visa before looking for jobs in  Canada?

Canada does not apply any restrictions on the access to its labor market by citizens of other USA or . If you’re from the European Union or an EEA country, you will  need a work permit in Canada and if want to live permanently then you  should officially register your plans to relocate to Canada  for further assistance with an immigration attorney.

All others should check with their local  Canadian embassies for work visa requirements first.

Jobs in  the Canadian Northwest Territories aren’t very hard to come by if you’re a good, helpful worker. If you’re already in Canada, take a look at local newspapers or simply ask around. Another – easier – option to find jobs in the territories is to look at local job websites. The following are very popular English sites with Canadian job listings:

•3-12 Month Hands-On Jobs   in  Canada
•  Job Search for Nunavut 


If you already speak English or French, your selection of jobs in Canada North increases tenfold. Take a look at below source informative job sites:



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