How to Find Jobs in the Canadian Northwest Territories

Canada  is a huge country: it has  10 provinces and 3 territories.

The three territories of Canada are:

• Nunavut • Yukon • Northwest Territories


Nunavut, meaning “our land”, is the youngest of the three territories. It was created on April 1, 1999 as a result of the Nunavut Land Claims Agreement.  Nunavut is the largest of the three territories of Canada occupying about one fifth part of land mass of Canada. The two large islands in Canada are Ellesmere Island and Baffin Island. Iqaluit is the capital of Nunavut. The aboriginals called the Inuit consist of the major percentage of this territory’s population. Winters are usually very long and cold in Nunavut. The chief industries in this area are mining, fishing, tourism, packaging of raw meat and fish.

As a significant Inuit homeland, Nunavut prides itself on its deep Inuit roots, cultural traditions and spirit of diversity. Nunavut has a population of approximately 29,400, 85% of which are Inuit, and it spans two million square kilometers extending north and west of Hudson’s Bay and above the tree line to the North Pole. With the highest cost of living in Canada and low rates of high school graduation, Nunavut faces considerable development challenges.

 Yukon: This is the smallest territory in Canada. It is situated in the northwestern corner of the country. Earliest settlement in this area happened with aboriginals migrating from Asia who fished, hunted, and trapped for a living. The economy mainly rests on mining, tourism.

You can read a bit more about Northwest Territories  here

If you’re trying to find a job in The Northwest Territories (NWT; French, les Territoires du Nord-Ouest) , you’ve come to the right place, no matter what type of job in The Northwest Territories  you need. Let’s find open jobs in The Northwest Territories  , sorted by area below.

Keep in mind that when you look for a job abroad,  work visa law can be complex. One of your first steps when looking for a job abroad should be to contact one of  Canadian  embassies near you to find out more about your work visa options. Most foreigners visiting The Northwest Territories  for more than 6 months  would need a residence permit. Others may need a residence and work permit.

Job Searches Across The Northwest Territories 
•  is an Canadian website listing jobs in The Northwest Territories  .  Job Portal lets job seekers look for jobs all over The Canadian Northwest  .
• offers internships, student and summer jobs in The Northwest Territories .

These three websites have job listings from all The Northwest Territories  . If you have a particular area in mind, scroll down to search for jobs by province too.



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