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Labour Market Information -Canada Employment Connections (II)

Getting Industry Information

The next level of sophistication in conducting research is getting a handle on the competitive nature of the industry (or industries) that your list of Canadian  companies operate within. It is essential to know about the company which is interviewing you and the industry in which it operates. It is within the competitive environment that you might be able to spot trends that are either opportunities or threats for your prospective employers.


Step 2: Gathering Federal and Provincial  Information ( Place-of-Living)


This step in your research process may be to gather information about specific parts of  Canadian provinces  or territories — to help you decide if you want to relocate to where a prospective employer is located.

For conducting  basic research within Canada,  I  recommend  and basic amazing place, where you’ll find a wealth of data, statistics, and comparisons about Canadian cities and provinces. You can also check Canpages


3.  Why is important Labor Market Research?

Remember that by studying  a company, you will get a realistic picture of what it might be like to work for this company or in a similiar industry, their LMR, so  you can discover things such as:

•the skills and training you require to work in this industry
•the values this industry reflects
•whether your values match with those of the companies in the industry
•how people get into this line of work
•what people like or dislike about a specific company
•who the key players are in the company
•opportunities, trends and demands for certain occupations
•the changes and challenges the industry is facing.


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