Research Canadian Companies

Knowledge is power. Before going on an interview is the time to do  research. All the big companies know that and pour lots of money into research to gain the knowledge they need to be competitive.

When you begin to make initial contacts with potential employers, through resumes or any other method you use, it is a good idea to have some basic facts about the companies  you are interested in.

Knowing your potential employer will help you target your “presentation” to them.  By visiting the company’s Web site, you will collect important information about its products, recent changes, competitors and clients. Here are some guidelines on how to research a company online before your job interview.

Looking through their data can help you the following company information including:

Company name
Address and contact information
Its industry sector
A description of their products or services, main markets and customers
Innovations, technology used, special projects
Annual report
Financial statements

How does this help you?


You learn about companies in your profession, sector and city.
You find people to network with.
You decide which companies to approach for a job.
You learn about a company you are applying to.
You prepare for a job interview or information interview.


Summing up, the chances of accessing more of the Canadian  labor platform, takes time and it depend exclusively in the professional conditions that you have achieved until now. The best possible advice would be for you to gather up pertinent information regarding the job market of the Canadian city you wish to move to. 

My experience also as   Work & business Information Service Provider, I recommend job seekers identify companies of interest and proactively and creatively contact senior managers regarding their candidacy. You can improve your Canada job search through the Canadian database  for Int’l Employers  or  the Canadian Employer Directory  ,  a Paid Content   or Informational Services site run by Hineni Media



Marisol Diaz  is  an experienced workshop presenter, specialized information publisher, and  a SOHO specialist. She also  has been writing on Canada settlement and  immigration law since 2006. contact her @ You can improve your Canada job search through the   Canadian database  for Int’l  Professional or Hineni CED ,  a Paid Content   or Informational Services site run by Hineni Media.

Access more than 400,000+ Canadian province-specific company profiles in industries such as manufacturing, transportation, consumer goods, consulting services, finance and technology.  Available only to premium subscribers.

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