English & French: Bilingual Prefered in Canada

Companies who are hiring bilingual talent to service English-French Canadian customers are seeking employees who are able to effectively communicate in “Bilingual business” so that they can deliver products and services to either English or French Canadian-speaking customers.

Many bilingual inmmigrants in the Canada of French speak colloquial  French. They are able to converse across the dinner table, but they lack the vocabulary or knowledge of grammar, syntax or verb conjugation rules to conduct a business conversation in French. Unless the interviewer is fully fluent in both languages, recruiters find it difficult, if not impossible, to distinguish between casual and business French-speakers. For companies who offer differential pay for bilingual language skills, the recruiter has the additional responsibility of ensuring the candidate’s verbal communication and/or writing skills are professional and appropriate for a business environment. Ann Whitten is a great bilingual canadian firm example.

Let’s evaluate the following requirements commonly used in bilingual ( French/English) recruitment ads:

1. Bilingual abilities are a plus    
2. Bilingual preferred
3. Bilingual preferred; at a minimum, the ability to understand and to make one’s self understood to all French speaking individuals
4. Excellent verbal and written communications skills required in English and French
5. Bilingual and able to read, write and speak French proficiently
6. Must speak and write French fluently

Bilinguallink.com in this sort of fair which features fifteen companies , there are up to six different descriptions of current sought-after job applicant skill sets, but each one requires a different level of French communication expertise. In the first two examples where bilingual skills are “a plus” or “preferred”, a recruiter may decide to “take the candidate’s word” that he can speak French. However in the last four examples, these companies are seeking specific bilingual abilities, sometimes the interview is simply done asking a couple of question in the target language by phone.  In other situations, an independent language proficiency assessment is highly performed as in-house appraisals can be subjective.

Grab These Practice “Tips”

As many companies require candidates to complete a language proficiency assessment: which means an objective, scientifically designed evaluation of the candidate’s verbal and/or writing communication skills.  This way recruiters get an effective assessments are fact-based, consistent, unbiased and use a proven methodology to evaluate all candidates with the same criteria.

 We have found that some companies prefer to assess candidates for bilingual positions at the first stage in the interview process so that they only spend their internal resources on qualified candidates. Other companies assess French proficiency in the final steps of the interview process, after the candidate has fulfilled other hiring requirements. Assessment services can provide staffing for job fairs and weekend and evening appointments as well as during regular office hours.

We have found that companies are able to recruit the most qualified candidates when the job description is specific and lists the position’s qualifying requirements.  This is a time-saver for recruiters as only those candidates who are confident in their bilingual communication skills will apply for a job if they know in advance they will be tested.

Employment benefits: Being bilingual offers potential employersand employee itself in  benefits. It offers a wider choice of jobs in various fields. The bilinguals can get prosperous career opportunities in the retail sector, transport, tourism, administration, secretarial work, public relations, marketing and sales, banking and accountancy, translation, law and teaching.

Canadian companies almost always ask if you are bilingual for better job placement.

Canada is very multicultural. Multiculturalism is the idea that all cultures have something to add to the whole. Learning another language opens up more communication, enabling a better understanding from within the culture of what that culture views as important. Words reflect the culture.

Benefits and Cost-Savings for companies

Once assessed, companies can assign employees to the business process they are most qualified to fill thereby improving employee retention, reducing turnover and, ultimately, delivering the highest level of service to their customers. Other benefits and cost-savings companies experience by conducting language proficiency assessments include:

• increase the probability of hiring the right candidate;
• reduce training time for new recruits;
• provide objective data to justify bilingual pay differentials;
• reduce costs of discharging an employee due to inadequate skills; and
• deliver consistent, excellent, high quality service to your customers.
Some companies conduct personality tests, clerical and computation skills assessments and drug and alcohol checks to screen job applicants. These employers know the benefits of pre-employment testing.  

Summing up, the chances of accessing a labor platform, take time and it depend exclusively in the professional conditions that you have achieved until now. The best possible advice would be for you to gather up pertinent information regarding the work market of the Canadian city you wish to move to.

My experience also as  Career & Work Information Service Provider, I recommend job seekers identify companies of interest and proactively and creatively contact senior managers regarding their candidacy.



Marisol Diaz  is  an experienced workshop presenter, specialized information publisher, and  a SOHO specialist. She also  has been writing on Canada settlement and  immigration law since 2006. contact her @ hinenisyndicator@gmail.com. You can improve your Canada job search through the   Canadian database  for Int’l  Professional or Hineni CED ,  a Paid Content   or Informational Services site run by Hineni Media.

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