Working in Canada as a Foreigner (non-student)

Canadian immigration policy is doing a good job of attracting skilled immigrants to this country but Canada has to do a better job of recognizing the credentials of foreign-born professionals and easing the transition to the Canadian job market.

If you are interested in applying for a work visa in Canada as a non-student immigrant, you will need to find an employer to sponsor you for the length of your employment contract, and must work only a set number of hours based on the type of visa granted to you. Your eligibility will be based on the Employment Based visa requirements as outlined by Canada immigration.  Here the most popular job schemes to obtain not only work permit but permanent residency legally in Canada.

About holiday working Visa:

This visa allows you to work in Canada  and duration of stay depends on the applicant’s country of residence  as a non-immigrant. You are permitted to enter Canada with this visa, but must show proof of a sponsoring organization before you move, be a full student and on be between  18-35.  You are permitted to work, study and travel for the length of your program.

About cultural Exchange Visitor Visa ( Cultural, Academic or Research):

This visa is granted to both students and non-students interested in participating in the Exchange Visitor Program. This allows you to legally work or train in your field during the length of your stay, but you must take a job in the private sector as an alien physician, au pair, camp counselor, secondary school student, teacher, or flight trainee, or work in the academic and government sectors as an international visitor, government visitor, short term scholar, professor or research scholar, specialist, or attend a student college or university. 

Successful applicants will be rewarded with excellent opportunities for growth, exchange and the opportunity to work with professionals in their chosen fields. Once granted, this dynamic visa allows temporary work permit holders to work and live in Canada for designated period of times as specified on their work permit. This visa may assist applicants towards their eligibility for a Skilled Worker visa for permanent residency

Canada Entrepreneur visas

The Entrepreneur program is intended for business people that want to start or purchase a business in Canada. Currently the entrepreneur program is offered by some provinces and they have their specific requirements. In general the business person must start or buy a business in Canada, create a number of positions for Canadians and settle in the province where they applied. Initially a work permit is issued and once the requirements are met, the permanent residence of Canada is issued for the whole family.

 Things to consider (Business/entrepreneur visa/program)

* The entrepreneur program has different requirements in each province.
* You must show that your assets have been acquired legally.
* You are required to start the business in the province where your PNP application was approved. After you  become a permanent resident of Canada you have the right to settle anywhere in Canada.
* Some PNP entrepreneur programs restrict the type of business that you can invest in.
* Part of our service is  to connect you with business advisers for acquiring or setting up a new business.
* The business plan is a key factor  in the success of your application.

Canada Investor/business Visa

The Canadian governing administration is requiring a minimal net value of $1.6 million CAD and an investment of $800,000 CAD. The Quebec Program is predicted to be generating exactly the same adjustments to their plan.
The opportunity to finance the $800,000 CAD by a bank financial loan for your Canada Investor Visa Program exists.

For candidates that intend to instantly invest the $800,000 CAD, the government of Canada will return the $800,000 CAD after 5 yrs without any interest. For candidates within the Plan that hope to utilise the commercial bank financing, they’re going to not have any money back.

All resources to qualify for the Program will need to be able to be demonstrated that they had been acquired legally. The other requirements like managerial practical knowledge for your Canada Investor Visa Application or no demand for language knowledge continue to be identical.

About the Intra-Company Transfer Visa:

The Intra-Company Transfer Visa allows companies to transfer certain employees from certain departments overseas to Canada. This type of visa is granted only to managers and executives, or specialized knowledge staff members, and the individual is only allowed to work in Canadan for a certain time frame.

In order to qualify for a work permit as an intra-company transferee, a business enterprise “is or will be doing business” in both Canada and the foreign country.

An applicant seeking a work permit to open a new office on behalf of the foreign enterprise may also qualify, having established that the enterprise in Canada is expected to support a managerial, executive or specialized knowledge worker

An applicant may apply for the work permit in advance at any Canadian Visa Office. Alternatively, the foreign worker may apply for the permit at a Canadian Port of Entry. Also, if the foreign worker is in Canada as a Visitor, a work permit application can be filed within Canada.

About the TN1 Visa:

The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) has created a special TN nonimmigrant visa category that permits Mexican and Americans acting professional citizens to be granted admission into Canada to engage in “business activities at a professional level.”

The TN1 Visa is granted to Mexican or US citizens who are given preferential treatment for entry into Canada through the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). The TN1 Visa is granted for one year but can be renewed indefinitely. It is usually granted immediately at the American border, and is one of the most efficient ways for a Mexican or US to enter Canada with the ability to work (as long as they are working for a specific employer).
Here are some important resources to review when you are considering applying for a Canada work visa, or are seeking Canadian work opportunities:

HRDC job offer approval, known as labor market opinion and work permit visa

Hineni Media  – information about finding sponsors and applying for a Canadian work visa

Canada immigration



Marisol Diaz  is  an experienced workshop presenter, specialized information publisher, and  a SOHO specialist. She also  has been writing on Canada settlement and  immigration law since 2006. contact her @ You can improve your Canada job search through the Canadian database  for Int’l Employers  or  the Canadian Employer Directory  ,  a Paid Content   or Informational Services site run by Hineni Media.

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