Work in Canada: The Facilitated Processing of Information Technology Workers program

•The Facilitated Processing of Information Technology Workers program (Quebec and British Columbia only);

Foreign individual (i.e., one who is not a Canadian permanent resident or citizen) who intends to work in Canada is typically required to possess a work permit or other authorization to legally do so. Such authorization may come in various forms, and often requires advanced approval prior to eligibility to enter Canada for work. Significant complexity may surround the process of securing the proper authorization to work in a foreign country.

The dynamic Information Technology (IT) Workers visa allows the fast-track processing of visa applications for skilled professionals in the software industry seeking to gain valuable Canadian work experience on a temporary basis. The Information Technology Work visa allows applicants with the required education and experience in the specified products or technologies applying for specific jobs to apply under this versatile program.

Applicants must be able to communicate in English or French, and provide evidence of sufficient experience in the specified IT industries and specified products or technologies. Once approved, applicants will be allowed to be issued a work permit following confirmation through Service Canada. This means that applicants can come to Canada quickly. Applicants are also eligible for work permit renewals.


The Facilitated Processing of Information Technology Workers program was established through a collaboration of the Software Human Resources Council of Canada, Human Resources and Skills Development Canada, and Citizenship and Immigration Canada as an effort to alleviate a shortage of software professionals in Canada. The requirement for a Labour Market Opinion application was removed for those professionals meeting the requirements of seven occupational definitions.

 The eligible occupations are:

•Senior Animation Effects Editor
•Multimedia Software Developer
•Embedded Systems Software Designer
•MIS Software Designer
•Software Products Developer
•Telecommunications Software Designer
•Software Developer – Services
The goal of the program continues to be to expedite the process of admitting foreign workers in the field of information technology. Eligible candidates are granted a “national confirmation” by HRSDC, and may proceed directly to applying for a Canadian work permit. As this program does not constitute a confirmation exemption, however, applicants with a destination in the province of Quebec are required to obtain a Certificate d’Acceptation du Quebec prior to a work permit.

Applicants for the Information Technology Workers visa must have an offer of employment for an eligible occupation from a Canadian employer which meets the following requirements:

•the wages and working conditions offered are commensurate for the position;
•the employer’s advertisement and recruitment efforts are sufficient;
•there is sufficient evidence of the labour market benefits related to the entry of the foreign worker;
•and whether the entry of the foreign worker is likely to affect the settlement of a labour dispute.
In order to apply for the Information Technology Workers visa, applicants must provide confirmation of possessing the required education and experience in the specified products or technologies required for the occupation. Applicants must also demonstrate proficiency in working in an English and/or French work environment.

Applications may be submitted to a Canadian visa office abroad or at a port of entry for those who are exempt from the requirement of a passport visa


PLEASE NOTE: This program terminated on September 30 2010 for most provinces. Other than Quebec and Brisitsh Columbia, cases submitted after this date will be subject to the requirement of a Labour Market Opinion. Foreign workers destined to Quebec and Brisitsh Columbia currently remain eligible for such applications


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