Priority Occupations: Canada’s top occupations in demand

Priority Occupations

 The positions in this list consist of Canada’s top occupations in demand at this time. It is by no means exhaustive, and you must not be discouraged if your profession is not found here. Most available positions are in Western Canada, including British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, although a lot of positions, such as information technology and the health occupations, are needed nationwide. If you happen to see your job in this list, it simply means that your chance of matching your resume with a Canadian employer is high. To read more about Priority Occupations, click here.

There will be many jobs in demand in Canada in the coming decade. Although skills shortages are difficult to predict, particularly when looking well into the future, it is possible to predict which occupations will be in particularly high demand.
The Canadian government has developed a couple of lists by provinces of forecasted occupational pressures, which will be updated annually. For instance this list can be used as a starting point for job hunt or career planning.

Jobs in demand

•    Financial Managers
•    Managers in Health Care
•    Restaurant & Food Services Managers
•    Accommodation Services Managers
•    Fire Chiefs & Senior Firefighting Officers
•    Construction Managers
•    Transportation Managers
•    Utilities Managers
•    Supervisors, Mail & Messaging Distribution
•    Court Officers & Justices of the Peace
•    Bookkeepers
•    Court Clerks
•    Engineers (Mining, Geological, Petroleum)
•    Civil Engineering Technologists & Construction Estimators
•    Specialist Physicians
•    Technical – Health (sonographers, cardiology technology, EEG technicians)
•    Medical Lab Technologists & Pathologists’ Assistants
•    Nurses in Specialty Areas
•    University Professors
•    College Instructors
•    Hotel Front Desk Clerks
•    Building Superintendents & Caretakers
•    Wholesale Trade Sales Reps (technical and non-technical)
•    Trades Supervisors
•    Industrial Electricians
•    Power Systems Electricians
•    Cement Finishers
•    Tile Setters
•    Plasterers, Drywall Installers, Finishers & Lathers
•    Painters & Decorators
•    Stationary Engineers & Auxiliary Equipment Operators
•    Truck Drivers
•    Heavy Equipment Operators
•    Farmers & Farm Managers
•    Nursery & Greenhouse Operators/managers
•    Supervisors, Landscape & Horticulture
•    Supervisors, Mining
•    Supervisors, Oil & Gas Drilling & Service
•    Oil & Gas Well Drillers, Servicers & Testers
•    Oil & Gas Well Drilling Workers & Services Operators
•    Oil & Gas Drilling, Servicing & Related Labourers
•    Process Control & Machine Operators, Food & Beverage Processing
The following occupations  are likely to experience pressure – and therefore be in particular demand – over the coming decade.


Also one the best source for conducting your initial Canadian’s  company research is Hineni’s  Database,  run by Hineni Media. Hineni’s database is a compilation of more than 500 host organizations with preexisting sponsoring and Co-ops placements  spanning over 85 areas of interest. Searchable by location, level of study, field and area of interest, it provides an excellent starting point for professionals searching for their ideal seasonal or permanent  job opportunity.  The database is a great place to start your search. Contact here or subscribe online  to access .

From there, I would locate the professional organizations for the given career. For example, if you were interested in marketing as a career, I would recommend contacting the Canadian Marketing Association to learn more about demanded careers in marketing. To get salary information for a specific geographic location, I would use one of the many salary calculators available online.

Do your research, polish your job-search materials, network, and go after a specific job. And be sure to follow-up each and every job lead — until you land that job.


Marisol Diaz  is  an experienced workshop presenter, specialized information publisher, and  a SOHO specialist. She also  has been writing on Canada settlement and  immigration law since 2006. contact her @ You can improve your Canada job search through the Canadian database  for Int’l Employers  here ,  an Paid Content or Informational Services run by Hineni Media

Note and disclaimer: No attorney/client relationship is formed through the submission or viewing of this article. This article is not intended as a substitute for legal advice from a licensed attorney. The facts of every case are different and individualized advice should be sought from an attorney before proceeding with any case.

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