The Quebec Investor Immigrant program

The Quebec investor immigrant program

Under the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program, an immigrant must have net assets of at least CDN $ 800 000 acquired through legal economic activities and have at least three years experience in management position (planning, direction and supervision of human, material and financial resources) in an agricultural, industrial or commercial business or a government or international agency.

Once qualified, the immigrant investor must undertake to invest for five years a minimum of CDN $400 000, at 0% interest. He or she must sign an Investment Agreement with Investpro Securities inc. The amount will then be invested with Investissement Québec for the purposes of financing an assistance program for Québec based small or medium-sized businesses (SMB). At maturity, Investissement Quebec refunds the investment in full.

The Canadian Federal Immigrant Investor Program (the “IIP”)

The IIP is among the world’s oldest immigration programs for businessmen and investors. This is one of the business immigration program offered by Citizenship and Immigration, Canada.   Rich would-be immigrants who have qualifying business experience outside of Canada can immigrate to Canada on the heels of a passive investment in Canada. The program requires a $400,000 investment in a government controlled fund for a five year term. Upon investment, the immigrant applicant receives a permanent resident visa and at the end of the term, the investor receives the $400,000 investment back, interest free

The Canadian Federal Immigrant Investor Program (the “IIP”) was established to encourage successful and experienced business individuals to immigrate to Canada with the goal of developing a strong and prosperous Canadian economy.

Investors and their families can apply for permanent residence in Canada by making a five year investment totaling $400,000 CDN (the “Investment”) in the Canadian economy. The program is guaranteed by the Canadian government to ensure that the Investment is repaid in full without interest (0%) approximately five years and two months after the Investment.

IIP Eligibility RequirementsTo be considered eligible under the IIP, you must:

•be a foreign national with demonstrated business experience;
•have a legally obtained net worth of at least $800,000 CDN;
•submit an application for both a visa and for the Immigrant Investor Program at the nearest overseas Canadian visa office;
•meet all immigration selection criteria;
•express a desire or intent to settle in a Canadian province or territory outside of Quebec; and
•invest $400,000 CDN for a period of five years with the Receiver General of Canada.
IIP Funding/Financing Options

As a requirement of the IIP, the Investment must be deposited with the Canadian government. As the approved financial institution for the IIP, Royal Bank of Canada may be able to provide you with lending facilities to finance the Investment if you chose not to liquidate your existing investments. In addition, we may also be able to assist you if you prefer investing the full amount with your own funds.

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