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How to get a Canadian offer letter with excellent salary?

Evaluating Canadian job offers can be unsettling, especially if you have only a vague idea of what you want from employers. You’ll have to do a personal-needs assessment before you can judge whether an offer is right for you. Here’s a three-step process for developing your own job-offer-evaluation checklist.

  • Research Canadian jobs, places, industries and culture and apply to all related jobs.
  • Search companies websites about specific jobs openings.
  • Get a Canadian visa.
  • Arrange for telephone interviews or at least a dialogue with a Canadian consultants and companies.
  • Prepared yourself extensively for interview in the chosen field or chosen market.
  • Request that the job offer be outlined in writing. Until you have the offer in writing, you have nothing. A verbal offer can be withdrawn-it happens all the time. Furthermore, having the offer in writing ensures that there will be questions later on about what was initially agreed upon. The offer letter normally consists of the following items:
  • 1.Job title
    2.Base salary
    3.Incentive compensation (if any)
    4.Agreements as to salary and/or performance reviews
    5.Starting date

Coming to Canada with a job in place or go independent or choose a franchise as immigrant entreprenuer  will make a huge difference for any immigrant.

Job-offer-evaluation checklist

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