Business Opportunities

Business Opportunities in Canada

The following business opportunities have been selected by HM as possible suitable aquisitions for a Long Term Business Visa application.


Take control of your future by becoming your own boss.  It is easier than ever to start your own business.  Many of our franchise opportunities can be purchased with in-house financing as apposed to bank loans.  We also have the best franchise business opportunities that you can start for under $50,000.  Don’t wait until things get better, create your own success and go to work for someone you can respect…yourself!

It is to be noted however, that applicants must meet all other immigration requirements as set out by Canada Immgration Service.

In other words, the selection of a suitable business, the writing of an acceptable feasibility study and the compilation / submission of a suitably interlinked  application ( HM and partners are  in a position to provide all these services); will not secure a business visa if the applicant(s) fall short on other matters, e.g. criminal record, health disability, inappropriate business experience, affiliation with terrorist organisations.

Please check here to view.



We offer listing of  Canadian franchises i or companies that  are planning to offer franchises in the next 12 months.

 For further details Schedule a business consultancy here

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