Franchise Steps

Step 1 – Franchise Development

Our Franchise Maker Development Program offers our clients a comprehensive step-by-step process to franchise their business concepts.  We have streamlined the franchising process to save time and money.  Our team will evaluate your business to identify what elements are in place that can be used in the franchise offering.  We will then innovate and create new aspects of your Canadian  franchise model.

Canadian Franchise Development
Our development team will custom-design necessary elements of your franchise package.  We have created a system to ensure a strong and comprehensive franchise package for your very first sale.  Most new franchisors spend several years of expensive trial and error to get the following tools in place.

Everything You Need to Succeed As A Franchisor
1.Canadian Franchise Disclosure Documents
2.Trademark and Domains
3.Operations Manual
4.Training Program
5.Web Technology & Custom Software
6.Consumer & Franchise Marketing
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   Step 2 – Growth Consulting

STEP 2 . Franchise Growth Consulting

Canadian Franchisor  Maker Consulting Program offers franchisors a variety of support services to streamline their growth and enhance profitability.  Our team of franchise experts will join forces with you, bringing decades of knowledge to your company for a fraction of the cost of developing in-house options. 

We will provide:

•Unlimited franchisor support
•Monthly executive consultation
•Staff support
•Facility evaluation
•Publicity and public relations review
•Website and technology evaluation
•CFD review and update
•Registration state strategy
•Manual review and update
•Marketing campaign evaluation
•Franchise sales review
•Franchise marketing evaluation
•Franchisee satisfaction program
•Training program evaluation
•Franchise industry update
•Quarterly newsletter
•Convention planning and coordination
•Owners advisory council
•Marketing cooperatives
•Customer satisfaction surveys
•Customer appreciation events
•Franchisee relations
•Franchisee rewards program
•Franchisee mentor system
•Conflict resolution
•Site selection
•Lease negotiations
•Third party financing
•Equipment leases
•Background checks
•“Francamp” – annual executive retreat
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    Step 3 – Franchise Sales
We have spent years working with thousands of prospects, researching and selling hundreds of franchises to create this system that efficiently processes franchise leads.  This system enables us to process hundreds of leads resulting in very qualified sales.  We accomplish this by using our proprietary HM  database and email marketing campaigns to identify the more serious and qualified prospects.  We are then able to give these individuals a significant amount of personal one-on-one time with our experienced Canadian Franchise Matchmaker sales consultants.  We ask them to follow certain steps and keep their appointments with us.  We have found that this is a critical process because successful franchisees are good at following a system.  We will also consult the buyer regarding their financial plan and only those who are ready, willing, and able will be presented for the franchisor’s final decision.

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