In addition to Hineni  Insights Newsletter,  we also offer  business consulting services.

1. Hourly small business consulting works well for people who have a burning question or need to resolve something quickly with professional guidance. Read more about hourly small business consulting.

2. Web evaluation and my small business consulting packages  are really business “check-ups” that help you maintain the health of your company. We can spend some time looking at your business finances, strategy, website or marketing. Click here for more information about my web evaluation and other small business consulting packages.

3. Website development /marketing Consulting: For business owners and professionals who need to acquire new clients and are too busy or lack the resources to do it in-house, I offer marketing strategy consulting as well as website development and organic search engine optimization services. Find out more about my marketing consulting services.

4. Coaching; Facilitation and Training : Career & life coaching.

5. Business Workshops : I offer live customized workshops to companies and organizations in the NY (Toronto) area, and via tele-conference outside of NY(Toronto). Help your team or organization learn more about time management, sales & marketing, web development and business planning. Read more about business workshop services.

6. Business Consulting Packages and Fees. Check this page if you want to find out about my hourly fees and money saving packages.

Are you ready to make more money?, have less stress and more enjoyment from your business?  Schedule a business consultation today.


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