Untapped Hidden Canadian Job Market

Untapped Hidden Canadian Job Market

Fewer than five percent of all job seekers have been taught the most effective ways to look for work. “So what?” You may say, “everyone knows to…”
check newspaper want ads
eMail résumés
visit private and public employment agencies
use other resources such as school placement offices, union halls, headhunters, professional organizations, etc. Here a couple of effective approaches.



A very efficient method is to prepare for direct contacts by targeting potential  Canadian employers. The first step is to locate resources such as business directories, Chamber of Commerce membership rosters, trade journals, etc


Don’t be shy. Tell your contacts about your skills and job ojectives. Better yet, give them copies of your PERSONAL BUSINESS CARD or ONLINE PORTAFOLIO. Remember that most jobs are never advertised… do your best to show you have a presence in Canada. We recomend arranging a Canadian email  and phone-based  account, as that shows permanence in the Canadian market, as well as an area code for your phone number. More here

Being in the right place at the right time is often no more than the result of knowing the right person. That right person just might be the wife of your banker, the next door neighbor of your hairdresser, or the dentist of your daughter.


Resumes that work in Canada

Once you have your resume and cover letter prepared you can do all of your prospecting and follow-up form the comfort of your kitchen table. Not only will this method place you at the front line, but you’ll uncover the vast reservoir of the available jobs others will never know exist.

  • Arm yourself with a professional resume.
  • Research the appropiate chosen field   and prepared a file card for each applicable listing.
  • At home you can , qualify your prospect Canadian listings   according to your priority, location, personal knowledge , company size etc.
  • Then beging your phone prospecting campaign to locate those jobs opportunities  that will never appear in the classifieds or job sites. Practice with 2nd or 3rd priorities. Get past the recepcionist to your key contact. Be sure to verify this person’s name, title, spelling and address for your cover letter.
  • Follow-up each positive response by mailing your resume and a customized cover letter within 24 hours.
  • Follow-up and Record Keeping: No matter what job search strategies you choose, follow-up and record keeping are important for success. Maintain a careful record of all interviews, thank-you notes sent, referrals made and follow-up actions. Job seekers who fail to maintain this information often lose valuable contacts as well as credibility with prospective employers.
  • Five days after email your resume or online portafolio, call the person to whom you emailed your resume to make sure it has been received. This would also be a good time to inquire about what action, if any has been taken and when you might expect an interview. Handled properly this call will:
  1. Remind them of your name
  2. Reinforce your sincere interest in their job opening
  3. Stimulate Action


Marisol Diaz  is  an experienced workshop presenter, specialized information publisher and  a SOHO specialist. She also  has been writing on Canada settlement and  immigration law since 2006. contact her @ hinenisyndicator@gmail.com. You can improve your Canada job search through the Canadian database  for Int’l Employers  here ,  an informational services run by Hineni Media

Note and disclaimer: No attorney/client relationship is formed through the submission or viewing of this article. This article is not intended as a substitute for legal advice from a licensed attorney. The facts of every case are different and individualized advice should be sought from an attorney before proceeding with any case.


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