What Kind of Jobs Exist in Canada?

Tips for Finding Employers & Networks for International Workers.

Often it is wondered what jobs can skilled foreign workers obtained overseas and how can they go about finding those employers here?

Aside from the medical or health field  , it seems, skilled people in Canada might find better opportunity in inner provinces not only Ontario.

But in what fields?

There is a constant need for speaking and teaching French as a second language; charity work, and in construction, petrochemical plants, power plants, and in the oil and gas industry.


Construction, Power Plants, Oil And Gas, Petrochemical All Pay Big Salaries

Those workers from subsidiary of Orascom Construction Inc., OCI, built the tallest structure in the world, Burj Dubai, and Consolidated Construction International Companies, CCIC, built the largest mall in the world, Dubai Mall. Together, the two firms joint ventured to build what then was the largest mall/living complex in the world in Cairo, Egypt, they all have connections in Calgary  and Alberta  Canadian provinces where the oil industry is well established.

Those workers from Brazilian construction giant Odebrecht and noted airport construction and maintenance power house TAV, based in Turkey, CCIC has been engaged in new airports construction in Libya and Oman and USA, now Canada is new hub. Each of these international companies are building a strong base of operations in North Africa and are present in the Arabian Gulf, all of them have built ties with Canadian oil firms.

Odebrecht, it should be noted, has a strong presence in Latin America, and in the USA cities of Miami, Florida and New Orleans, LA. In Canada too, check   http://www.linkedin.com/jobs/at-Odebrecht
Still, these organizations, and many others, continue searching for engineers to assist them throughout the Arabian Gulf, Egypt, Libya, Algeria and other regions. Engineers from Western Europe, North America (USA, Canada with natural gas resources) , South Africa and Australia continue to be recruited by OCI and CCIC to insure they are better able to meet the increasingly complex specifications associated with ISO Specifications.

Foreign trained professionals hopefuls will join and become active members in trade organizations associated with their occupational skills. A short Canadian  list for construction or oil and gas employment:

•Canadian Concrete Institute
•Canadian Society of Mechanical Engineers
•Canadian Society of Nondestructive Testing
•Canadian Society of Safety Engineers
• Canadian Welding Society
• Canadian Society of Military Engineers (a favorite among Canadian Army Corps of Engineers)

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Marisol Diaz
Settlement & Integration Resources Publisher
Int’l Employment & Career Columnist
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