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The 5 best fields for paid internships in Canada

You need “canadian experience”; they need new recruits. For companies and international students, paid internships  are a win-win if you’re lucky enough to land one.

You can tap college career counseling centers and Canadian job-hunting Web sites to find the right spot in the industry or profession of your choice. But with companies scaling back and offering unpaid internships, finding a high-paying gig has become harder than ever.

Our  more than 500 internships database  can help you start your summer job search. Based on the number of available paid internships, compensation packages, the anticipated growth of each field over the next decade and advice from career experts, here are the five best industries for finding an internship with a paycheck. When choosing one, be sure to factor in housing costs if the job isn’t near home.

Despite the financial reck suffered south the border in 2009, internships with banks in Canada are booming.

“Even now, the internships that tend to pay the most are in the IT , health and financial sector. ” Companies are listing more than 30 (paid) internships in that category and they’re seeing more coming in.”

Even with some companies downsizing, HRDS experts mention finances as the nation’s fifth fastest-growing occupation, behind biomedical engineers, Pharmacist, information technology workers, home health aides and personal care aides.

 Start your search by targeting local and Canadian banks and by searching job-hunting sites like

Communications and Social media
Communications interns weren’t a hot commodity until social networking exploded.

“There’s been a big increase in small businesses relying on students to start up social media marketing.

While average intern pay hovers around $14 an hour, students who have social media skills may have more bargaining power. Where most paid internships are designed to give students real-world experience, companies without a social media marketing program may tap students raised on Facebook and Twitter to show them the ropes. Students should check out their college career center and specialized .


We may only have about 20 accounting majors every year, but there’s never a question about whether they’ll have paid internships. Accounting is one of those fields that requires a specialized skill set, and firms generally pay pretty well to get it.”

IT (information Technology)
Two of the top 20 fastest-growing occupations fall in the computer science field. According to  paid internships are booming.

The top category for internships has been for computer specialists. This is where you’ll find your programmers, Web developers and engineers.

Among the many technology-related internships, students can find the most lucrative ones at big firms like Rogers Inc. or Telus . While job-search sites will provide plenty of options, students can find specialized positions through their college computer science department and through government jobs offices.

No matter where you begin your internship hunt, start early, tap local resources and check out their school’s internship fairs.

Starting in winter, if you’re looking for a summer internship, is crucial in getting a job in this economy skilled workers, , want to be residents and students have to cast their nets wider and earlier.