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How to Immigrate to Canada Through Employment: ways to land a job in Canada

How to Immigrate to Canada Through Employment II:  ways to land a job in Canada

Even as jobs become harder to find, too many job-seekers rely on a tunnel-vision strategy that makes use of only one or two job-search methods. That strategy may eventually land you a job, but it’s likely you’ll spend more time being frustrated than interviewed.

While it may be fair to point to the economy as the main reason why it’s taking so long to bag a job, a key stumbling block could actually be your resume: avoid one-size-fits-all resume. Most canadian companies use applicant tracking systems to sort through the large volumes of resumes they receive and identify potential candidates.

When you submit a resume for a job posting, the tracking system mines data from your resume by searching for relevant keywords or phrases. If the system determines that your resume is a close match, it will save your information in a database for recruiters to review.

Also try to have a multimedia profile and use social media such as LinkedIn and Facebook and Twitter.

 Check out these eight ways that companies in Canada use to search for skilled people:

Internet job boards
Career consultants
Recruiters, private agencies
Job fairs
School career placement
Government services* this is not applicable unless you are already landed in Canada.