How to get through Canada immigration without a Job offer letter.

The secret to job hunting in Canada is to understand that the real job market is hidden. The degree to which this is true in Canada often surprises newcomers. The vast majority of jobs are never advertised. Unless you know where to look, you will never even see most of the jobs that are available.

Think about what that means. All those online job boards, all those newspaper ads and all those help-wanted sings are only showing you a tiny fraction of the jobs which are available. These are all valuable places to start your job hunt. However, if you limit yourself to watching for jobs that are advertised you will be greatly limiting your options. You need access to the hidden job market.

So, how do you access the hidden job market? The answer is “networking”.

What is a networking?

A network is who you know. Chances are you already have a network, you just don’t know it. Your network is your family, it is people that you know through previous jobs, people you went to school with or know from professional associations. Your network is your friends, your friend’s friends, and their friends. You are connected to all of these people by who you know. They are the secret to accessing the hidden job market.

Before you arrive in Canada start to build a network via Facebook, search for Canadian groups, pages and join these and contribute and build up friends and contacts. Join a proffessional network such as LinkedIn and like FaceBook join Canadian related groups, search out contacts in your industry and link up with them. Ask for recommendations and make sure your profile is up to date and current.

Marisol Diaz
Settlement & Integration Resources Publisher
Int’l Employment & Career Columnist

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