Job Opportunities for Ethnic Minority Students & Graduates

People from ethnic minorities are no longer automatically disadvantaged in modern Canada,  athough racism still exists, progress on promoting racial equality in the last decade helped to create a society that is more comfortable with diversity than ever before, “Canada today is not the same place as it was a decade ago”.

It is evident throughout the professions. Ethnic minority students in Canada are winning places in top and diverse firms only to be channelled into less commercial areas of technology, health, law, broadcasting, investment banking, teaching, the police and the and Civil Service. They work hard to qualify. They work hard to get training contracts. Just like all locals born students do. Only to find themselves caught in the centre of a corporate maze, where all the exit routes are career dead ends. They have neither the contacts nor the networks that other local students have. But social media and networking groups are helping to change that. And they have an important role to play.

So just how Black , Asian or White are certain professions? Here we present some  tips for you as ethnic and visible minority get a job opportunity.

Use your background positively

Hineni Settlment services   can help you create a positive CV that really makes the most of your experience and skills. For more advice on career planning and job-hunting techniques,  You can also  visit  Ministry of Mission  to see what advice and support I offer. Hineni  Firm advice and guide on getting a summer jobs and have details of graduate student training schemes for foreigners with a variety of Canadian employers.

Get into  a paid summer work experience programme or summer internships.

There is  a number of schemes, which offer a variety of work experience, skills training and career development programmes.

Useful links

Hineni Media  sells  a employment  listing directory which 50% profits goes to Ministry of Mission    . The directory  that has over 250 companies from numerous Canadian sectors offering job opportunities only to ethnic minority graduates .

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