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Securing employment and obtaining a work permit in Canada

Get into a  Canadian Study-work Program  ! there is not a better and shorter  way for you to secure employment an obtaining work permit in Canada.

We publish a section with  advice on finding Summer internships, internship programs, Provincial internships, as well as samples of what an internship report can look like and a list of institutions with great work-study options:

University of WaterlooWaterloo, Ontario
The largest co-op program in the world. It has over 11,000 students enrolled in co-op and more than 3,000 employers. Their famous engineering program is co-op only (no regular stream of study). Their 5-year co-op program included up to 2 years of work experience.

Bill Gates has said: “There are many years where Waterloo is the university we hired the most people from of any university in the world, and Waterloo has always been in the top five every year.”

Wilfrid Laurier UniversityWaterloo, Ontario
Laurier has a top co-op business program. The program is very competitive – only one third of students who start in first year enroll. It offers 3 four-month work terms.

Carleton UniversityOttawa, Ontario
Their co-op program has work placements of 4, 8, 12, or 16 months in duration. Students typically require an additional year of study to complete the co-op work terms and fulfill the academic requisites of their specific program.

University of British ColumbiaVancouver, British Columbia
UBC offers co-op programs in various faculties such as Arts, Commerce, Engineering, Science and Forestry. Their coop program can also be combined with other exciting UBC programs, such as the Go Global exchange.
University of AlbertaEdmonton, Alberta
While high grades help for success in their co-op program, broad work and volunteer experiences are also very valuable to potential employers. There are approximately 240-280 co-op students on work terms or actively searching for a placement each term. 

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Aboriginal Employment Program (AEP)

The goal of the AEP is to increase representation of Aboriginal peoples at all levels in the

Department of Indian and Northern Affairs (DIAND) and foster a climate which will provide opportunities for development and while promoting retention. The AEP offers four programs: Aboriginal Maters (Graduate Recruitment) Program (AMP), Aboriginal Management Executive Development (AMED), Aboriginal University Recruitment (AUR) and Aboriginal Student Employment (ASE).


Accelerated Economists Training Program (AETP)

The AETP offers Master’s degree candidates in Economics, Public Administration, or a related discipline the opportunity to work alongside senior policy analysts on a number of social, economic and international policy agendas. This two-year program is comprised of four six month assignments in central agencies and participating departments, providing a diverse work experience, particularly in the area of policy analysis.

Career Edge Youth Internship Program

Career Edge is a national, not-for-profit organization whose mandate is to enhance youth

employability through 6, 9 or 12 month paid internships. The program is aimed at graduates of university, college or high school who have finished their education but who lack career-related work experience.

Environmental Youth Corps Program (EYC)

The Environmental Youth Corp (EYC) is designed to create a 6 to 12 month window-of opportunity for post-secondary graduates under the age of 30. These individuals are either unemployed or underemployed and are seeking to gain experience in either a national or international environmental project.

The Fraser Institute Internship Program

The Fraser Institute’s Internship Program offers university students and recent graduates the unique opportunity to join the Institute for training as junior policy analysts. Past projects include analysis of medical technologies available in Canada, welfare comparisons, and key environmental indicators. Intern’s research may also be published and disseminated to a wide audience.



Industry Canada’s Student Connection Program

As an Industry Canada and Youth Employment Strategy program, the Student Connection Program (SCP) was created to foster youth employment and to introduce the power of the Internet to Canadian small and medium-sized enterprises. The Student Connection Program hires and trains post-secondary students and recent graduates as Student Business Advisors (SBAs) who provide on-site customized Internet training.


Internship Programs within the Public Service of Canada

The Public Service of Canada continues to be the nation’s largest single employer of students enrolled in co-operative education (Co-op) and Internship programs in Canada. In partnership with participating academic institutions, the Public Service of Canada plays an important role in providing post-secondary students with the relevant and practical work experience they need to fulfil the requirements of their academic program.


Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR)

Youth Program

MNR Internships are up to 10 months (40 weeks) in length. The goal of the program is to

provide students with specific skills and learning opportunities to help make the transition from school to work. Learning opportunities will focus on MNR’s key business. Jobs will change from year to year to reflect the Ministry’s needs. Applicants must be full-time post-secondary students or recent (within five years) graduates of a recognized post-secondary institution and eligible to work in Canada. The amount participants are paid is based on the type of work assignment. All Intern positions pay more than Ontario’s minimum wage


Ontario Internship Program


An OIP Internship is: a 2 year full time, paid professional work assignment that offers hands-on experience via up to three job assignments of 8 months duration, an opportunity to explore your career options while building your skills and portfolio, a great way to network and gain valuable professional contacts and a promising start to a career in the Ontario Public Service.

Official-Language Monitor Program


Participants work with students either on a part-time or full time basis who are studying English as a second language through complementary activities carried out under a teacher’s direction.

Participant’s role is to prepare activities focused on the linguistic and cultural characteristics of the English language in order to help students improve their language skills and increase their awareness of the culture. Part-time participants may continue their post-secondary studies and generally live in urban areas whereas full time participants live in rural areas. All participants receive a salary plus a travel, moving and commuting allowance.



PSC Management Trainee Program

The objective of the Management Trainee Program (MTP) is to recruit and develop highly qualified individuals for key positions of responsibility in the federal Public Service of Canada. The MTP provides hands-on work experience through assignments with federal departments and agencies. Upon completion of the four-year Program, graduates will be qualified for managerial positions at the intermediate level.



The Quebec-Labrador Foundation/Atlantic

Center for the Environment (QLF) Internships

The Quebec-Labrador Foundation/Atlantic Center for the Environment (QLF) offers positions to undergraduates, recent graduates, and graduate-level university students from Canada and the U.S. The QLF is a dynamic nonprofit organization with a highly qualified staff and a large diversity of projects and activities. Most assignments last two to three months, and include stipends and lodging that vary according to position.


Science Horizons Youth Internship Program

Four federal departments deliver Science Horizons programs including: Environment Canada Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Natural Resources Canada, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, and Heritage Canada which offer promising young scientists and post-secondary graduates hands-on experience under the mentorship and coaching of experienced scientists and program managers.



The Science and Technology Internship Program

This program provides an opportunity to recent graduates in science, engineering or business to gain relevant and meaningful work experience. Interns are invited to work on natural resource sciences projects of commercial potential, in cooperation with Natural Resources Canada (NRCan). Interns work under the direction of experienced scientists on cutting-edge research and development projects with NRCan partners committed to bringing research to commercial application. The intern is an employee of the partner. Internships start at any time throughout the year, based on project requirements and funding available.


Young Canada Works (YCW) in Science and Technology

These internships include a range of challenging research and application opportunities, developed in partnership with small- and medium-sized enterprises, cultural and heritage institutions, universities and not-for-profit organizations. Internships last 4 to 12 months and application eligibility is limited to recent post-secondary graduates who are up to 30 years of age and unemployed or underemployed.



Youth Internship Canada (HRDC)

HRDC Internships provide young people with skills enhancement, work experience and entrepreneurial assistance to help them make a successful integration into the labour market.

Youth interested in participating and sponsors interested in developing a youth internship project or submitting proposals for funding are invited to contact their local Human Resources Centre of Canada.