Tips on Finding a Job in Canada

 To be successful in Canada, you must have the job-search tools and the know-how to compete head-to-head successfully with an Canadian applicant.

If you plan to go to Canada  as a temporary-worker, you must prove to Canadian immigration that you are not replacing the talents of an Canadian worker and that no other Canadian worker could do what you do or wants to do what you do. The most critical element of your Canada job search is knowing which industries you are most likely to be hired.

However, as technology developes the Canadian workplace, some of the traditional good jobs’ that overseas workers were previously able to secure in Canada are in less and less demand.

According to the service Canada website, jobs sectors such as farmers, garment sewing machine operators, private household cleaners, typists and word processors, bookkeepers, accountants, audit clerks and bank tellers have already been in decline, and will continue to stagnate to the point of offering limited job opportunities in the years to come.

These employment positions have deteriorated as world industries harmonize their labor force needs and rely on the computer or outsourcing to do the work once accomplished in  Canada. Needless to say, you probably shouldn’t look to Canada for this kind of work. Instead, do your homework and open an atlas.

The key to getting to Canada faster is by finding employers that truly need you. You should determine which Canadian Provinces are in desperate need of your type of experience. Do some research on hot or in-demand jobs, and which fields are in rapid expansion mode and cannot get enough people to feed the demand for talent.

 Look for employment trends province-by-province through the Internet or here .  If you would like more information about current Canada job news and more effective insider tips for landing a job in Canada, please visit

Marisol Diaz  is an established author and international career consultant. She is also the founder and president of , publisher of international employment self-help manuals. She can be reached at or Tel: 1-647.448.2052

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