“GOOD PAYING JOBS”: Consider Relocating to Canada

The most paying job, is depended where you live or plan on doing your job at.  Even though we are currently living through an economic recession, high paying job opportunities abound. You may want to consider going to a Canadian medical school for eight to twelve years in order to get your high paying, money making venture though. That’s because this year’s top ten high paying jobs are all in the health-care field, then IT.

Anesthesiologists | $184,340
•Surgeons | $184,150
•Obstetricians And Gynecologists | $178,040
•Orthodontists | $176,900
•Oral And Maxillofacial Surgeons | $164,760
•Internists, General | $160,860
•Prosthodontists | $158,940
•Psychiatrists | $149,990
•Family And General Practitioners | $149,850
•Chief Executives | $144,600
•Physicians And Surgeons, All Other | $142,220
•Pediatricians, General | $141,440
•Dentists, General | $140,950
•Airline Pilots, Copilots And Flight Engineers | $140,380
•Podiatrists | $118,500
•Lawyers | $113,660
•Air Traffic Controllers | $110,270
•Engineering Managers | $110,030
•Dentists, All Other Specialists | $108,340
•Natural Sciences Managers | $107,970
•Marketing Managers | $107,610
•Computer And Information Systems Managers | $107,250
•Sales Managers | $102,730
•Petroleum Engineers | $101,620
•Financial Managers | $101,450

It’s not only about the money but also your work experience and skills. So, chose wisely! Where can you find them? You can find the best Canadian employers and places to work in subscribing to our site. http://www.hinenimedia.memberlodge.org/

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