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Relocating to Ontario, Canada – finding work in Ontario

Unemployment rates are currently low in certain professions in certain financial Canadian hubs but finding work in Canada may still prove difficult. There are jobs available throughout Calgary, Alberta and Ontario but there is also a very competitive labour market and you should bear this in mind before buying for instance Ontario property. It is advisable to secure employment before relocating in Ontario if possible.

Finding work in Ontario after buying Ontario  property

If you are relocating to Ontario with the intention of finding employment you should be aware that working hours tend to be longer and holidays shorter than in other places. However, if you plan on buying Ontario property there are generous tax allowances and advantages for your mortgage available if you are successful in finding work in Ontario.

Your biggest barrier to finding work in Ontario may be the strictly managed system of immigration of in Canada. Visas are granted for those setting up a business in Ontario more or less automatically.

Work available for those relocating to Ontario

The economy of Ontario is very much a service-based economy right now and relies heavily on tourism Niagara Falls and the resultant boom in Ontario property. There is not a great deal of manufacturing jobs available and those relocating to Ontario may be surprised by how manyCanadians are self-employed. Retail, IT, construction and healthcare jobs are the most commonly available posts to those hopeful of finding work in Ontario.

Because such a high proportion of the population of Ontario is retired, the economy tends to be focused towards their needs and outwith the service sector there are few opportunities. You are certainly better off finding a job before relocating to Ontario and buying  Ontario property.

Ways of finding work in Ontario

Local newspapers and websites not always offer you the best chance of finding work in Ontario. Before deciding on relocating to Ontario you should get online and see for yourself what jobs are out there. There is a multitude of websites dedicated to advertising vacancies in Ontario and more and more companies are advertising opportunities on their own Internet pages.

The easiest way of finding work in Ontario is to be proactive. You can subscribe to the Database of Canadian Employers for International Professional to find out the opportunities, names of companies and check out to their websites for ongoing diferent vacancies. If not, write or email them.

Unemployed after relocating to Ontario

If you were successful in finding work in Ontario with a Canadian employer then you will most likely be require to start making payments to the Canadian social security system. This may entitle you to unemployment insurance if you become unemployed after buying Ontario property and moving to this great ever growing economical province. You will not be able to claim local benefits immediately after relocating to Ontario.

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