How to start an immigrant life in Canada

There important steps you need to take once you start living in Canada


Go to the nearest Social Security office and apply for a Social Security card. You will need to present your passport with the temporary green card stamp. The card will have your lifetime Social Security Number (SSN). Memorize this number because you will use it a lot for things like employment, a drivers license, paying taxes etc… Your card will arrive in a couple of of weeks.
Step 2 FIND A JOB.
Step 3 DRIVERS LICENSE (DL). Go to the nearest Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) office to obtain a drivers handbook, study it at home and if think you are ready, return to the DMV for the written exam. . Present your passport and a second form of identification (ex. birth certificate, SSN, etc…) to apply. There is also a fee you have to pay up front. Contact a driving school or study at home to prepare for the written test. You will first have to obtain a student permit by passing a written test. The student driver permit authorizes you to practice driving accompanied by a licensed driver. The next part is the actual road driving test. A DMV examiner will ride with you and grade your driving skills. If you pass, you will get your license in appropiate time. Check with your provincial DMV for more information.
Step 4 LEARN THE PUBLIC TRANSPORT SERVICE. While waiting or getting ready for your driving tests, your must learn the public transport service in your area. Bus or Train companies will mail you their bus schedules and maps upon request. Using public transport is a lot cheaper than owning a car. If you are job hunting, I suggest that you start looking for one close to bus or train stations.
Step 5 LIBRARY CARD. The library will have a lot of resources to help you started in your job hunting or research. A lot of companies post job requirements at libraries. Also check out posted resources for new immigrants, ex. free English or French as a Second Language (ESL) courses.  The library is also a great place to make new friends.
Step 6 CREDIT CARD. Credit is a big part of Canadian living. A good credit history will save you money in lower interests with important purchaces like a house or a car. As soon as you get a job, start applying for gas cards, department store cards or bank atm cards. Do not be discouraged if your application is denied. Put some time between applications because time at work is also a factor. Use your credit wisely. Credit card companies will give you a high credit limit to encourege you to spend and get into deep debt with them. Do not charge anything you cannot repay.
Step 7 CHECKING & SAVINGS ACCOUNT. Open checking and savings accounts with your nearest bank. Your checking account is for making payments, daily expenses, gas or entertainment. Religiously set aside an amount into your savings account to prepare for emergencies, for a down payment towards a car or home.
Important:  This information guide does not contain visa information. We recommend that you order one of our publishing material or  immigration guides listed for detailed Canada citizenship, PR Cards, self help immigration documents and Canada visa information.
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