Co- Ops Programs to get Canadian experience

A Canadian  co-op program or work term allows you to gain experience and earn money while studying. Most co-ops tend to be more commonly available for specific subjects, typically engineering and computer science. However, other faculties are discovering the benefits of co-op and you can find them in a wider range of subjects.

Most co-op positions are developed by the co-op coordinator. Many co-op positions are repeats where students replace other students who have previously completed work terms with the same employer.

Job descriptions are accepted based on the quality of work experience. Each co-op program looks for jobs that

  • provide a learning environment appropriate to your field,
  • engage you in productive work,
  • provide fair and adequate wages, and
  • will be supervised and formally evaluated by your employer.

How does a co-op program work?

A co-operative educational path is usually completed over more than one semester. It includes work assignments in organizations and/or businesses related to your academic and career interests. The typical program involves alternating terms of full-time classroom study with terms of full-time, discipline-related employment.

This allows you to integrate your academic studies with work experiences in an employer’s organization. The time spent working in the employer’s organization provides you with not only a credit toward your degree/diploma but also with the opportunity to:

•make some money,
•gain experience,
•network, and
•try out your career path.

No Guarantees

It occasionally happens that a student may not secure a co-op work term placement, just as some employers may not obtain a student.

Economic conditions beyond the control of the co-op program can, and have, had a considerable effect on job availability, particularly locally. It is not always possible to find work terms in certain provinces. Moreover, no employer participating in on-going co-op hiring is ever required to hire a student whom the employer deems unacceptable. Although the co-op program will make every effort to place all students, no guarantee can be made that you will be placed in a co-op job.

You can increase the possibility of being placed by being prepared to travel to any location in Canada to accept employment and by maintaining a flexible attitude toward the placement process.

Need more information?
Want to find out, which schools offer co-op programs? Try Hineni database listing featuring a searchable list of Canadian schools offering IT, health and engineering programs.



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