Working in Canada: Finding employers- serie II-

Working in Canada: Finding employers

  • Canadian and international companies with overseas offices
  • Canadian and international companies recruiting worldwide
  • Contacts for overseas employers


Canadian and international companies with overseas offices

Getting a job with a Canadian company that has offices overseas may be one way of securing work in another country. There is no doubt that Canada invests huge amounts of money abroad and has commercial and cultural ties with all parts of the world. As new markets open up, opportunities are appearing in different countries; China and India in particular are big growth areas. Some large organisations often have a number of offices overseas and are tending to centralise their operations, with one location acting as the headquarters for the whole of Europe.

You should not assume however, that securing a job with a company that has offices abroad automatically means you get to work in one of the foreign locations. You will need to be realistic about when you will get that overseas posting. The majority of organisations will not contemplate sending a member of staff to represent them abroad unless they are satisfied with levels of competence and can see evidence of the other qualities needed to succeed in the new posting.

It is normal to spend two or three years working in an organisation in this country before being transferred to one of the offices overseas. There are likely to be many more opportunities available once you have gained experience – it is more common for staff at middle and senior level to travel abroad on a regular basis.

There are, however, some exceptions. Organisations/employers with international operations in such areas as civil engineering and accountancy sometimes have a policy of sending newly recruited staff overseas to gain experience, often for two or three-year postings.

International students

For international students graduating from Canadian universities, it is worth noting that Canada-based international companies regularly recruit those who are interested in making their careers in their home countries.


Canada and international companies recruiting worldwide

There are a variety of companies with offices overseas but examples include:

  • investment banks/merchant banks/retail banks, e.g. Soctiabank and Canadian Trade Office;
  • solicitors with international divisions, e.g. Baker & Mackenzie;
  • accountancy firms, particularly those with a consultancy arm, e.g. KPMG;
  • oil companies, e.g. Petro, Imperial, Shell, Esso and BP;
  • companies specialising in fast-moving consumer goods (FMCGs), e.g. Unilever;
  • civil and structural engineering companies, e.g. Fugro Canada Inc, KBR Canada Co.

Non-commercial organisations

The following also recruit worldwide:

  • armed forces; they are huge training organisations in their own right and are involved in training large numbers of military and civilian staff overseas;
  • civil service; many government departments offer both short-term and long-term postings overseas. In addition  the Foreign and affairs department, the Department for International Development  and the Army Forces are the most likely to provide opportunities. The main route for graduates or general puboic is via the Public Service Commission of Canada a Fast Stream route but other vacancies are advertised separately by the individual departments.

No choice over destination

Some graduates are happy to accept jobs which include the opportunity to work in Canada, even when they have no choice over where they may be posted. Working in the armed forces, the Diplomatic Service, for airlines or the travel industry are all examples of where the destinations of provincial and federal work may be out of your control. You should consider whether you would be happy in being sent anywhere in  provinces  or if you would want to choose your destination yourself, when deciding on what job to go for.


Contacts for local employers

If you decide to research into potential local employers yourself and make direct applications, you may discover that it is difficult to find which organisations operate in each province. The following contacts and resources, however, should be of use:

  • Province Specific information provides information on sources of vacancies and other useful contacts and resources for over 50 townships.
  • Canada mobility – Provincial Job Mobility Portal, has a huge database of jobs from over 30 canadian townships. There is the opportunity to register your CV and receive email alerts for new jobs matching your profile.
  • Canadapages is an online directory with links to companies in Canada.
  • Workopolis and Monster provide a database of job vacancies in Canada.
  • Provincial, Federal and International Job Online, content and PDF produced by Hineni Media has vacancies and careers information aimed particularly at international students and graduates seeking local work  after graduation.


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