How to Find a Canadian Work Visa Sponsor Employer

The hardest part about coming to Canada on an employment visa has to be finding an employer to provide your visa sponsorship so you can come to Canada to work for them.  While it is possible to come to Canada to work without an employer sponsor, it is much easier to get a sponsor work visa.

Fill an Employers Need

Employers who cannot find the employees they need in Canada will be happy to find someone anywhere who can fill their need.  Look through want-ads and at job Listing pages for companies who are hiring many employees, or who have been posting the same job for months.  Those employers may be getting desperate and may be more willing to go through the immigration process to fill their employment needs.

Employment-visa Friendly Employers

Employers with a history of hiring foreign workers are more likely to hire you than employers who don’t have much experience with the process. There are large corporations with departments dedicated to bringing in foreign workers, and there are smaller employers who have had success in bringing foreigners to work in Canada. so they are more likely to do so again. Look through company directories to see if you can find foreign workers.  Read press releases from companies regarding hiring foreigners and keep your eyes open for employers who are advertising abroad.

Use Your Network

Start by asking everyone you know if they know anyone who has been hired by a company in Canada and find out who their employer is.  The next step is to contact those people in Canada.  Any connection you have in Canada is a person with whom you should talk.  Ask your Canadian connections if they can check job postings or if they can ask people they know about companies that have immigration departments or immigration attorneys on staff.  Those companies are most likely willing to hire foreign workers. 

Contact the Employer

Once you determine what employers might be willing to hire foreign workers, you have to reach out to them.  Use any names you might have as connections and try to have a name of a specific person at the employer to contact.  It will be your responsibility to prove to the employer that your skills and talents are worth the process they will have to go through to bring to Canada to work for them.

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