Canadian Provinces Looking for workers

Canada is a favorite working destination for people of diferent countries. Many of them that come to work strive to improve their English or French speaking skills in order to be able to communicate well when assigned to a Engish or French speaking city in Canada. Canada has opened its doors for employment and immigration and this has attracted many inmigrants to migrate and work in the country.

Many Canadian companies also prefer hiring foreign nationals from certain places than from another as from their experience, those employees are more hardworking, patient, flexible and very serious with their duties and responsibilities than others.

We publish information about Foreign Workers job openings in Canada. it was reported that 165,000 workers are needed for British Columbia, Canada.  This is part I of a series on the issue for Alberta, Winnipeg and Saskatchewan.


In December 2008  the Alberta government announced that it will be investing more than CDN$5 million a year in order to increase the province’s nursing workforce. The province is looking for healhtcare workers.

 Nurses are not the only healthcare workers that Alberta is in desperate need of at this moment in time, though. The most recent data released by the Government of Alberta suggests that the province is currently short of 5,496 healthcare workers, including nurses. Pharmacists, health aides, speech language pathologists, physical therapists, and physicians are other healthcare occupations which are presently deemed to be much in demand in the province. The same government data also anticipates that there could be as many as 16,000 healthcare job shortages in the province come 2016.

One of the main ways in which the province od Alberta is attempting to bring workers are

1. A 22-day pilot offshore assessment programme that performed assessments for nurses in the United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates and Qata.

2. Working alongside health employers on international recruitment campaigns.

3. A new Health Workforce Action Plan.

4. Internationally trained registered nurses seeking to be licensed in Alberta can now  send applications to the College and Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta (CARNA).

5.  Learn and Apply through The Provincial Nomination Programme

6. Check Canada regional occupation lists or simple go direct where Companies vacancies are.

So whether you are a nurse, a pharmacist, a GP or a physical therapist Alberta is just one Canadian province that is likely to welcome your skills. And if the experiences of the doctors mention above are anything to go by, you’ll quite welcome Alberta, too.

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