Finding Canadian Employment Opportunities Is A Full-Time Job

Many people these days dream of being hired or  find an employment opportunity in Canada . Unfortunately, most people have no idea how to go about finding jobs or working abroad. Even the process of seeking overseas contract jobs–let alone permanent employment–seems intimidating, and they just give up.

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The fact is, it’s difficult enough for many people to find jobs in their home countries. There’s no quick and easy way to find high-paying job in Canada, especially if you don’t want to commit yourself to moving forever into the country where you plan to live and work.

Why is it so hard to find international jobs? The same reason it’s hard to find jobs in other fields, where there are more qualified people than there are jobs to go around. Sure, many countries, such as the United States, are awash in job opportunities–for citizens. However, for an American to find work overseas and remain a US citizen requires no small amount of finesse.

Canadian  job opportunities are a matter of networking and “who you know” as much as they are a matter of your qualifications. This is true of most jobs, to some extent, but it is particularly true of employment opportunities abroad. Indeed,  employment opportunities abroad are often more a matter of vigorous research and social networking than they are of your qualifications for the job.

Many people fail to find the employment they want overseas because they are actually to restricted in their efforts. They don’t apply for jobs that they can do, because they think that they lack experience. However, with  opportunities abroad, it’s often less a matter of how much experience you have, than it is a matter of being in the right place at the right time.

Canadian employment opportunities are often inadequately promoted. If you look on a big job postings site, or into the “classifieds” section of the newspaper (how old-fashioned), you’ll find countless postings for jobs in your city, or in your country. You’ll probably find almost no postings for it and a lot of competition.

For Canadians itself, the surest path to short-term work is typically through the federal  and provincial government. However, like all governments, Canadian government tends to be considerably less flexible in how it runs itself than private organizations. This is as true of its hiring practices is as it is of any other aspect of its organization. The federal and provincial government and its subcontractors have a narrow pool of contractors from which they hire. Your tasks, as someone searching for a Canadian employment opportunity, is to insinuate yourself into that circle.


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