Want to work in Canada?

Want to work in Canada  in the Canadian Boating Industry? Please read this …

If you are not an Canadian citizen or Canadian permanent resident you must obtain a visa to live and work in Canada. How to get a visa? You apply for the most convenient one, under Canadian Skilled Migration Program; such a visa may authorise a temporary stay or permanent residence in Canada. There are several ways to obtain a work visa:

1. You may wish to seek to have an Canadian employer to sponsor you; this may be for a temporary work visa or permanent migrant visa.

2. You may wish to apply for a permanent migrant visa as an independent migrant under the  Skilled Migration scheme – without any sponsorship.

If you wish to pursue the employer-sponsored stream then please let us know the details of the job/s in which you are interested and we will make initial contact with the employer. Further involvement will then be between the prospective employer and yourself.

Under the employer sponsorship arrangements the applications including your visa application must be lodged with the Department of Immigration and Citizenship of Canada and we expect that advice on this will be given to you by your sponsor during the process. You should not lodge a visa application until you have an employer who has agreed to sponsor you and that employer has had their sponsorship approved by the Immigration authorities.

If you wish to apply as an Independent migrant you should fully inform yourself of the requirements, including qualifications assessment and the Points Test. Such visa applications are also lodged with Immigration of Canada.

Having given you this brief information we strongly recommend that you look up the website of Canadian Immigration Department –http://www.cic.gc.ca select “Visas & Immigration” and then “Workers” to obtain more detailed information on visa types and requirements.

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