Which Industries Meet the Canadian criteria of best industries?

Hineni Listings to Canadian firms and industries covers many more industries where the jobs are than the ones shown below, but I’ve picked out the largest, most stable, and best growth forecasted.

As you look at this list, remember that these industries don’t need only the usual industry professionals we all immediately think of (e.g. doctors, dentists, and nurses in health care), they also need all the usual support and administrative services (finance, HR, IT, facilities, marketing, sales, etc.), too.

For career changers, these industries offer the best opportunities across Canada:

  1. Health care, senior care, and dentistry – the largest industry in Canada and also the most rapidly growing. Most workers in this industry have jobs that require less than 4 years of college education.The health related industries are growing, whether they want to or not, because the population is growing. An increasing (and aging) population means increased demand, particularly in the field of taking care of seniors. At least the health care benefits should be good when you work for one of these employers!.


  2. Educational services, colleges, universities, and K-12 schools – the second largest industry, projected to grow at about half the rate of the health care industry. Nearly 50% of the workers in this industry have a 4 year college degree or better.Teaching jobs are becoming more plentiful, according to the Educational Services analysis in the Career Guide to Industries, because of retirements. And, colleges, universities, and k-12 schools offer opportunities for many positions in addition to teaching and education. York University and Seneca College has jobs for glass blowers, campus police, cooks, landscapers, programmers, HR, etc.


  3. Financial services, banks and financial institutions, insurance companies  even with all the mass laid off- 66% of the jobs in this industry are office and administrative support positions which offer good opportunities for advancement.These are the employers with the money, and also where the “bean counters” live. Employment in the banking industry is projected to grow more slowly than average due to consolidation (big banks buying smaller ones) and increased automation. As usual, don’t assume that the only jobs available are for professional “bankers” – the traditional support services and administration, etc. are also in very great demand and are excellent entry points.


  4. Government (federal, provincial, local, but NOT the Postal Service) – 90% of government workers do NOT work in Ottawa, ON or Toronto so don’t assume that you’d have to move, but do expect quite a bit of competition for these jobs since they are usually stable and well-paying with excellent benefits.We can’t live without them, but it government budgets are not growing in most departments and functions so it doesn’t look like a growth sector.

For high school and college students, the following industries offer good opportunities to earn money and gather experience:

  1. Food service and drinking industry – this is the # 1 industry for employees in the 16 to 24 age range and projected growth through 2016 with 20% of employees between 16 and 19, and 40% of employees are part-time (twice the proportion for all industries). Average earnings are in the $8.00 to $10.00/hour range. 
  2. Transportation and warehouse – truck drivers hold 45% of the jobs in this industry, requiring only a high school education plus the appropriate commercial driver’s license. Other jobs include clerks, packers, and movers. Average earnings are in the $10.00 to $25.00/hour range, depending on the level of skill and experience. The rising price of fuel may have a negative impact on the number of jobs and the salaries in this industry. 
  3. Retail – sales jobs make up over 40% jobs in this industry, and they do not require a 4 year college degree. Most of the jobs are for employers with 10 or fewer employees, definitely small businesses. Salaries range from $8.00/hour for cashiers to $15.00/hour for the store managers. See Clothing, Accessory, and General Merchandise in Hineni Listing to Industries for more detailed information.

For much more information on this topic and many more industries, subscribe to www.hinenimedia.memberlodge.org

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