Sponsor your relatives to Canada

Any relatives wanting to come to Canada?

Now is your chance! There are so many options to chose from. If you want to help your relatives back in your birth country  whom you want to experience Canada’s promise of quality living, there are several ways that you can do. You can either help them get a work permit or an immigrant visa depending on their qualifications Your other relatives may send their resume to us for initial assessment or evaluation for FREE. Find out the many ways on how you can help your relatives:

1. Help them secure a Labor Market Opinion (LMO) This option is suitable in acquiring a work permit by helping your relatives find an employer who is interested in hiring them. One of the problems faced by any foreign employer is that most of them are not aware of the process in filing an LMO. At most times, this process is even new to them. Moreover, they also do not like the costs of hiring foreign workers.  This is where our service becomes more valuable. We try to make everything simple, convenient and risk-free for the employer. Refer the employer to us and we will facilitate the processing of the LMO for your relatives.

To get you more familiar with the procedure, let us explain the typical process and the time it will take to get a working visa issued in your home country. Filling out the application for LMO properly takes time and requires expertise. Application for LMO is filed with the HRSDC in the respective province for approval. The processing time for getting an LMO approved once the application is filed varies by provinces; typically it may run up to three months or could be lesser. Once the LMO is approved, the employer will send the approval notice to your relative in your country, who will file the application immediately. The working visa processing time in your country is now can be approximately ten (10) weeks; notwithstanding, the medical examination that is also required from the applicant, which also adds additional 3 months to the total processing time.

Total processing time is estimated to be: LMO approval 3 months + visa approval 2 months + medical 3 months for a total time of 8 months to get the working visa issued. Obviously, the time frame discourages a lot of employers from hiring your relatives. Sad to say, this is going to be the process anywhere they go if they want to hire foreign workers. If the employer is in dire need of workers, there is no choice but to work within the system and let the employer know the truth. But if the employers really wanted a faster processing, we are ready to guide and show them the alternative ways of doing it.

 2. Arranged Employment Opinion (AEO) This option works very well for those who have filed their immigrant visa application as well as for those who are yet to file an application with the Canadian Embassy in your host country. Through this option, should the employer process an Arranged Employment Opinion or AEO for your relative, your relative has the chance to go to Canada with an immigrant visa. The process is very similar but not the same to the working visa or LMO process.  The employer still has to file with HRSDC an application for approval of the AEO. Immigrant visa processing period for those with AEO is only six (6) months. Ordinarily, it will take three (3) years on the average.

3. Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) Most provinces in Canada have respective programs that has shorter processing period for an immigrant visa application. Through this program, you may be able to help your relatives get a nomination certificate from your province. Each province has its own list of requirements and conditions that an applicant must qualify before he or she can apply. Most of them require that there must be an employer who is willing to sponsor your relatives. The end result of this program is getting an Immigrant Visa for your relatives with a shorter processing period. For Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward, Nova Scotia Residents or Citizens… With your province’s Provincial Nominee Program, it is easier and more convenient to get a nomination certificate for your relatives. All it takes is an affidavit of support from you. No need to look for employer for your relative.  We can help your relative prepare the forms accurately, enhance his job description for better presentation and advise them on the correct documents that are required. Residents or Citizens from other provinces, application for a PNP normally takes an employer to process this option.

If you decide to help your  relatives go to Canada, or Should you have queries and or concerns, please feel free to contact me at Telephone number  647.448.2052 or email me at hinenisyndicator@gmail.com

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