Defining a Canadian LOM and AEO

Defining a Canadian LOM and AEO: LMO Vs. AEO

Many people ask me to explain the difference between a Labour Market Opinion(LMO) and an Arranged Employment Opinion(AEO). Since both involve job offers and applications for Human Resources and Social Development Canada(HRSDC) the confusion is understandable. A labour market opinion (LOM) is required to facilitate the issuance of a work permit to a temporary foreign worker. In issuing a positive LMO letter, HRSDC confirms the job offer made by a Canadian employer to a prospective foreign employee. Prior to confirming the job offer,HRSDC-Service Canada officer must be satisfied bringing a foreign temporary worker to fill a position in the Canadian labour market is justified under the circumstances.The onus is with the employer to prove that sufficient efforts were made to recruit a Canadian/Permanent resident for the job. In most cases (there are some HRSDC confirmation exemption categories) the employment of the foreign worker will only be authorized by CIC if the positive LMO letter is accompanying the work permit application.

Arranged Employment Opinion,(AEO) on the other hand,is a confirmation of a job offer which was made strictly to support a skilled worker immigration application. HRSDC will verify the job offer,employer’s history and employee’s credentials are all legitimate. However,since the prospective immigrant is not expected to work in Canada before becoming a permanent resident, the stricter requirements the employer faces in the LMO process are waived. Immigration applicants who hold LMO or AEO, and a job offer letter for a full-time permanent employment, will benefit from consideration under the Arranged Employment factor, and priority processing.

Here are :

1. Steps and procedures in applying for and getting an Arranged employment opinion and
2. Steps and procedures in applying  for and getting a Labor Market Opinion

The approval of a Job offer by the HRSDC is an indication that the worker applying, is required by an employer in Canada to fill out a skill or labor shortage in Canada, therefore applications under this Category may be processed faster compared to applications that does not include a Job offer in Canada.

Note: An LMO will result to a Work Permit and if the Job offer is Permanent and Full time even help the applicant in his or her application for Permanent Residents Visa, while an AEO will only speed up the application of a workers Permanent Residents Application.

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