Each rejection from potential employers has been accompanied by the same suggestions:

  • Get Canadian experience
  • Get a Canadian  field degree
  • Get a Canadian equivalency license

Each of these options poses its own set of challenges.

To get Canadian experience: Find a job or Volunteer.
To get   Canadian  field degree: go back to school or get foreign credential recognition.
To get a Canadian equivalency license: you need to  contact organizations designed to help immigrants get recognition andjobs in your specific field. If your field is medicine for instance look into one targeted at  it such health*

I worked for ******* marketing firm (cannot legally disclose), one of  Toronto’s bilingual largest company for years before leaving in 2001. My position as Assistant Director of marketing and advertising offline and online has given me the knowledge and management skills to make this wonderful company a reality. Prior to resigning, I along with 2 other marketing directors realized that together we had most current and accurate list of employment Canadian companies available to Canadians and foreign workers itself. Complete Co-Ops work, Summer jobs, what occupations are available for what degrees, what companies are looking for, contact names. Wow our relatives and internationally-trained skilled friends had been sending their resumes to these companies for years, and obtaining jobs and opportunities quietly making a comfortable living. We decided that if we put our information together, we could make a lot of people happy, by offering them the opportunity to find exactly where they need to work in. So …..

The life of Hineni Media began and we are now offering our list of companies conveniently arranged by profession, location, industry, associations, and sites so that you too find a job and can make a viable income. Our full time employment has not changed, eight hours a day we work on the phone still; updating our contacts constantly. We try, test and get paid for our efforts to provide you the most comprehensive, up to date, list of Canadian companies you will find anywhere, GUARANTEED!!!

Visit and subscribe @ www.hinenimedia.memberlodge.org

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