Seasonal jobs, temporary jobs and part time jobs in Canada

For many students part-time and temporary employment is a financial necessity, but as well a way of improving the health their bank balance. Working while studying can also help you develop a wide range of valuable skills and experience in preparation for graduation.

‘Part-time jobs, temporary work and vacation work will give students a competitive edge in the graduate employment market’ . ‘This type of work provides many basic employability skills, for example team working, leadership, negotiation, communication and problem solving.

When looking for part-time work it’s important to consider how you will balance the demands of work and study. To do this effectively you need to take a realistic look at the amount of free time you have outside of university commitments and then seek a vacancy, which can fit around these demands.

With over 67 university job shops and some  recruitment agencies throughout Canada it’s safe to say that there’s no shortage of places to start looking for suitable term-time vacancies. A list of possible starting points is included below.

If you’re looking for work outside term-time, many job shops offer students from other universities the opportunity to use their services to find temporary employment in their home town. A full list of those services open to students of any university during vacation times is available in their sites or you can subscribe in our listing at  connecting you with hot jobs from some of today’s best Canadian employers.

    • geraldine lambert
    • June 18th, 2009

    I can a job for a time determinated…because a I`m a student university…and I need a work temporary

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