How immigrants can live and work in Canada

In order to move to Canada and work you have to be accepted as a resident. This process involves  paperwork, time and patience.

Before you can even begin the application process you have to prove to the Canadian government that you have the required work experience, that you have enough money to support yourself (and your family) for six months after your arrival and that you can speak either English or French proficiently.

If you are able to establish these things then you can proceed with applying to immigrate to Canada.

There are several immigration categories in Canada. Business class is designed for people with a strong business background and is limited to investors, entrepreneurs and people who are self-employed. The family class is designed for people who are being sponsored by relatives who are already Canadian citizens. There are also specific classes for international adoptions and obviously, for refugees.

Most of the people who apply to move to Canada are classified as federal skilled workers. This is an independent application and it is suggested that if you have a partner or a family, the most qualified person should be the principle applicant.

Almost every job you can think of will fall under the skilled worker category. Doctors, engineers, architects, chiropractors, pediatricians, psychologists, professors, teachers, nurses, bookkeepers, dentists, air traffic controllers, bakers and cooks, fire fighter, hairstylists and mathematicians are just to name a few.

The new immigration application is marked on a six-factor point system. Within each factor there are a number of selection criteria that must be met in order to get points. The selection factors include education level, age, language abilities, job experience, adaptability and whether or not you have pre-arranged education in Canada.

In addition to the six-factor analysis, ever person applying for Canadian residency must submit to a medical test by an approved health professional. The test may include: a physical examination, a mental examination, a review of medical history and records and diagnostic tests such as urinalysis, a syphilis
blood test, chest x-ray and an HIV test.

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