Permanent Residence
Permanent Residence programs allow a person (and his family) a right to come and stay in Canada forever, with almost all the privileges and social benefits as Canadian citizens. Residency conditions have to be satisfied to maintain the Permanent resident (PR) status. After 3 years of stay in Canada, the PR is eligible for citizenship.

Economic Classes
By far the important group of immigration programs, this covers immigrants who have the skills to make an economic contribution to  Canada. This ability is determined by way of the ‘Points score’ on evaluation grid; a score more than the qualifying score indicates that the profile of the immigrant is in line with that identified by  Canada having potential of successfully establishing in Canada.  Since the selection is based, not on the ties to  buCanada on economic factors, specified criteria are used for evaluation like Age, education, work experience, Language capabilities, relatives inCanada, etc. To qualifying points can be changed by Canadian government from time to time. People in a wide variety of occupations/ professions, can qualify under this group.

The new Immigration and Refugee Protection Act regulations provide the legal authority for HRDC to provide CIC with two distinctly different types of opinions:
Service  Canada ( Formerly known as HRSDC)
Arranged Employment Opinion (AEO)
Labour Market Opinion (LMO)

The Service  Canadarranged Employment Opinion (AEO) to CIC factors into the assessment of a Skilled Worker application for Permanent Residency. With this type of opinion there is no consideration of the Canadian Labour Market or whether there is an occupational shortage or surplus of skills in Canada.What this means is that the job does not have to be advertised by a Canadian employer as it is a long term job offer and you are NOT taking a job away from a Canadian national. This is because you can only take up the job once you have landed permanently in Canada. You may wonder if a Canadian employer will wait that long? Generally speaking if you managed to impress an employer by bringing new skills and ideas and will add to the growth of his company then the answer is yes. Remember, any application with HRDC opinion is fast tracked.

You cannot arrange for a Service  Canada Confirmation. Your employer or a third party must do this.
Service  Canada will confirm job offers in occupations listed in Skill Type 0, Skill Level A or B of the National Occupation Classification.

This type of Opinion is issued in cases where the employer has made a permanent, full-time, non-seasonal Offer of employment to a foreign worker, and the foreign worker is not expected to work in Canada before becoming a Permanent Resident of Canada.
Additional points, upto 15 can be earned on the Federal Points system, if the Applicant has an Offer of employment confirmed by the Service Canada The Immigration Department requires that Service Canada (SC) provide an opinion on a job offer before it can allot any points for AEO.

SC considers the following factors while processing a AEO application:
1.    The job offer is permanent
2.    The job offer is genuine
3.    The wages and working conditions are comparable to those offered to Canadians working
in the occupation
4.    The employment is full-time
5.    The employment is not seasonal

What is the difference between Work Permit & Arranged Employment?
Arranged Employment is not the same thing as a work permit.  A work permit allows an applicant to come to Canada to work for a specific employer for a period of at least one year (and is renewable).  Before the applicant obtain a work permit, the prospective employer must satisfy HRSDC that there is nobody in Canada who can fulfill the job requirements.  If HRSDC approves the job offer and gives a positive Labour Market Opinion, the applicant can apply for a work permit at a Canadian visa office near him.  This process is relatively short. You can be in Canada in 2-3 months.
Arranged Employment only allows one to obtain extra points for his Skilled Worker immigration application and a fast track processing by the Immigration Authorities.

Will the prospective Canadian employer contact me?
We introduce the applicant to the employer by presenting your credentials and abilities fully to the employer. Sometimes, the employer may contact you before they make a final commitment to support the Arranged Employment application.

Does Arranged Employment speed up the processing time?
Yes, the Visa Offices are supposed to give priority to Skilled Worker applicants who have secured Arranged Employment.

How else can Arranged Employment help my application?
In certain cases, the Visa Officers may not award the sufficient points for the education or employment if they are not convinced that they meet the requirements of the current legislation. In those instances, the application will be saved by the extra points secured by AEO. This is particularly important for applicants who score the minimum passmark with uncertainties surrounding their work experience or education.

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