Foreign construction workers in Canada

CREWS is a service offered through the Building Industry and Land Development Association (BILD) that assists construction employers . Through this program, construction employers can nominate skilled foreign workers (bricklayers, carpenters, cement finishers, tile setters, drywallers) as permanent residents.

With immigration at an all-time high, recent statistics show that two out of every three men entering the workforce nationwide are foreign-born. The majority of those foreign-born workers are entering construction, usually as unskilled laborers, bringing with them language and cultural barriers that affect the construction industry more than any other being part of the Crews program offers advantages.

“The bottom line is, the construction industry is at a crossroads,” said  James Dickison an apprenticeship and training director with Associated General Contractors of Ontario.

Staffing is the biggest problem facing contractors and construction firms, and the natural-born population is not growing fast enough to meet the demand so looking for people using Crews is a great help. 

“What this boils down to is that we’re going to have to look south of the border for our workforce,” Dickison said.

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