New “Work in Canada” Program revealed

Foreign students and temporary workers can apply for resident status from inside Canada, we are in the 2009 but
as of October 2008, a new “work in Canada” or  immigrant class started making  it easier for temporary foreign workers and international students who graduate from a Canadian post-secondary institution to apply for permanent resident status from within the country.

The Canada Experience Class program, announced by Immigration Minister  is aimed at people who want to immigrate to Canada and already have Canadian work experience or Canadian academic credentials.

The program is open to foreign temporary workers in managerial, professional, technical occupations and skilled trades with two years of work experience and minimum language proficiency.

The program requirements for international students are: a degree or diploma from a Canadian college or university in a minimum of a two-year program; one year of skilled, professional or technical work experience; valid temporary resident status in Canada; and moderate or basic language skills, depending on the occupation.

The Canadian Experience Class, first announced in the 2007 budget and a key element of the government’s long-term immigration plan, will be implemented in 2008 for certain skilled temporary workers and international students with Canadian degrees and Canadian work experience. Once the class is established and for the first time, individuals meeting specific criteria will be able to apply for permanent resident status from within Canada.

The Canadian Experience Class adds to other initiatives to address labour market needs and to help in the successful integration of newcomers. “Each year, thousands of skilled newcomers arrive in Canada.  It is in their interest, and in Canada’s interest, to do everything we can to help them put their skills to work here as soon as possible once they arrive,” said Minister Kenney.  “This is one more tool to help them obtain the greatest benefit from their experience and education.”

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