How as inmigrant you can get a Job in Canada

I am not sure if Canada is the BEST country to live in but I know it is a great country. I am an immigrant to Canada and have lived here for many years. Canada has a lot of western advantages such as Democracy, freedom, etc.  and with a social consciousness that you do not always find elsewhere. Canada have a universal medicare system, we have a progressive pension system and much of our education system is still subsidized. Canada have the freedom to retain our roots when we immigrate and are not as much of a melting pot as the United States. We have a diverse culture and climate, ranging from subtropical in the west to pretty darn cold in central Canada. We have mountains, rivers lakes and much forest.

In fact the majority of our population live in the southern portion of the country, leaving much of the north to wilderness. Although our culture is definately influenced by our neighbours to the south, we are very distinct., very differents. USA or Americans like to note how “polite” canadians are. Because of our gun laws, our level of crime is lower than that of the States, but that is slowly changing.

Religion, although important, does not take on the stridency that seems to happen in the U.S  or other places and we actually have a strong Social Democratic Party with an active role in our Parliament. Our parliamentary system is bicameral with both a House of Commons and a Senate, modeled on the British System. We have 2 Official Languages, French and English.

Very recent immigrants to Canada are struggling in the job market, with those from Southeast Asia being the only group to buck the trend, says Statistics Canada.  Probably some of he problems come because  there are  not many clear  website like ours or books  to help new immigrants that would prefer through a step-by-step approach of finding a jobs in Canada?

I will add also another $0.02 this specifically for the new prospect or willing to be inmigrants’s success:

1. Canada’s immigration “points” system places a high value on education. 

The better education you as inmigrant have the better. Canada is still smooth !! Lots of inmigrants is being blessed and lucky. There should be minimal education requirements.  Even if it is an Adult Basic Education, or high school equivalent. With out these two things, you stand no chance of making anything, and you will be a burden to our already over used social assistance program.

2. Language

The fact that immigrants can come to this country without knowing the language, either English or French is the biggest barrier to employment in my experience. I believe that people coming here should be able to speak one of our official languages fluently in order to work and be productive here. If you are being granted status to enter Canada, then you should be able to speak, read and write English or French. Most employers will skip over resumes where applicants fail to mention a working knowledge of English or French.

3. “Canadian experience”

Canadian employers seem to think that there is something magical about “Canadian experience” and are incapable of recognizing the transferable skills of people from other countries. So be prepared. Learn the nuts and bolts  of what that means and what you can do . 

4. Money

New inmigants under a certain status, need to have at least 6 months living expenses before they are allowed in so no they aren’t spongeing off the welfare system when they first come here.

According to the banks, here, in Canada, immigration has to be increased to 400,000/year to sustain our economy and country. New money is created by each and every immigrant entering this country. 

Now the true is that there are many Canadian born who are on social assistance and do not contribute to this country. For some it is bad luck, but for many it is just laziness.

5. Multiculturalism

New immigrants do not face as much barriers such as racism and even classism like other countries. Canada is not and won’t be the exemption. Of course that I don’t want to believe that in this melting pot of a country that racism still exists, but unfortunately it does in many forms and places – not just in the workplace.

Now if Canada is so full of institutional racism, and it is just so darned hard here to make a living, why do people from all over the world come here? I don’t see lines of people wanting to emmigrate to Rusia, Germany, China or Vietnam,  Iran  or  some other third world countries from here so give Canada a break from the ‘racism’.

The current immigration system needs fixing. The future of Canada’s immigration program is at stake. The need for foreign workers has never been greater in Canada. Federal policymakers along with their provincial counterparts must co-operatively identify transparent processing and procedural solutions and allocate the resources necessary to offer fast and efficient entry to provincial nominees, as well as to federally selected workers.

Canada is a wonderful country to live in ! Canada is a great country with its blue skies, nice gigantic rivers, luscious green trees and gigantic mountains. If l could l would like to invite all the people to a party, to celebrate this great land!


Here to serve you better!

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