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These are trades and professions that are most in demand

From the skilled trades to college professor, check out this list of the top 10 hot jobs and discover the positions that are in demand across Canada. If you’re stuck in a part-time job and want a real career, are deciding what to study, or are even considering a change in work, read on!  These trades and professions are booming, so if you have the training and aptitude for one of these gigs, you can expect good money, a relative amount of job security and the knowledge that companies are vying to hire you (you hot commodity, you!). And remember, the average worker changes careers — not jobs, but careers — three to seven times. So don’t be afraid to take the plunge into something new.

1. Financial manager
Demand for money managers is increasing as the private and government sectors are looking for whizzes who know the complexities of financial management.

What to expect: An unemployment rate half that of the Canadian average.

Tip: If you have knowledge of foreign finance or are fluent in a foreign language, consider yourself doubly attractive — and pack your bags for a potentially jet-set international career.
2. Skilled tradesperson.

If you don’t want an office job, but do want a salary that pays above the national average, this is the sector for you. As chefs, horticulturalists), construction (electricians, carpenters, plumbers), transportation (aviation technicians, automotive service technicians) and manufacturing (industrial mechanics, tool and die makers) sectors.

3. College or vocational school teacher

The boom in skilled trades means there’s also a need for instructors at community colleges, Quebec’s CEGEPs, technical institutes and other vocational schools.

What to expect: The number of job openings exceeds the number of candidates, especially with retirements expected over the years to come, plus increased government funding.

Tip: If your discipline is new technology or the skilled trades, your prospects are particularly good.

4. Dentist or dental hygienist
the industry will continue to grow as Canada’s aging population requires more care, more Canadians enjoy dental coverage, and the booming demand for adult cosmetic dentistry continues.
5. Computer and information systems managers

Overall, our reliance on computers at home and at work will continue to grow, meaning job security and continuous opportunities for training and growth.
Wage growth is still better than average, as are actual wages (almost double the national average), while the unemployment rate is well below the national average.

6. University professor
 With below-average unemployment and above-average wages, plus a wave of retirements on the horizon, prospects are strong.
but unless you’ve already got a Ph.D. in the closet, you’ll need to embark upon if your heart is set on being a university professor.

7. Human resource specialist or manager
Demand for human resources specialists and managers is increasing and expected to stay strong, as companies place greater emphasis than ever before on human resources issues such as recruitment, training, employee relations and retention.

What to expect: There are more job openings than job seekers in this field, so prospects are great. Just like you always thought, being a people person does pay off.

8. Pharmacist
A growing and aging population means more prescriptions needing to be filled. From hospital pharmacists to your friendly local pharmacist, there’s greater demand for them than there are qualified grads or trained immigrants to fill the positions.

What to expect: Good pay, and many pharmacists are self-employed — they own the pharmacies they work in.

9. Registered nurse
Canada’s aging population means this sector’s a dynamic place to be. You’ll be in high demand: there are more jobs than registered nurses due to retirement, enrollment in nursing programs is declining and there’s a strong need for nurses internationally.

10. Retail manager
If you’re not hung up on high wages (managerial positions pay only slightly above the national average) but like flexible hours and love helping people, and you have transferable skills but perhaps no post-secondary education, this is the field for you.

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