How to live and work in Canada

Study&Work Canada

Program description:

            The Study&Work Canada is an Academic language and cultural learning program with a Practicum, or paid internship that offers multiple opportunities to link classroom learning to workplace experience.
The Academic component is composed of language acquisition, conflict resolution, cultural competence, problem solving, teamwork, handling criticism, adaptability, motivation, and leadership skills, industry specific terminology and practices. The Practicum component, or paid Internship, is monitored, has specific learning goals, is in combination with ongoing classes, and it is an essential and integral component of the program.
It is a 6 or 12 month long program allowing applicants to live and work legally in Canada. They can study for 6 – 12 weeks in an exclusive school in the centre of Toronto or Vancouver and after studies, applicants work in a premium resorts in the West of Canada, including the resort where the next Winter Olympic Games will take place.
Program offers:
         opportunity of a lifetime to explore Canada and its culture
         6 or 12 months program to choose from
         pick up at the airport
         accommodation near by school (Niagara, Ontario or Vancouver)         
         first day at school: introduction and interview
         classes, minimum 6 weeks (12 weeks) for those who have 6 months (12 months) program
         lessons along with the job with qualified teachers at the place of employment, for 2 hours a day.
         3 weeks of holidays (only for those with 12 months program)
         Step UP to Work n’ Study – Hospitality™ Certificate
         Transcript and Evaluation – provided by both your Academic and Practicum supervisor
         a Letter of Reference from your Practicum Host company on company letterhead
Program requirements:
         participant must be 18+ years old
         participant must speak English
 –   participant must be very willing to study and to improve their knowledge in English language, hospitality field and Canadian culture
Program process:
         online registration, payment of registration fee
         online language test
         telephone interview
         accepting to the program, receiving documents necessary for applying for visa
         applying for visa – collecting and sending documents to embassy
         after receiving visa documents, payment of registration fee
         managing accommodation, health insurance and flight ticket
         receiving welcome and informational package
         departure to Canada.
More about program description and forms: 

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